New ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Image Reveals Vanessa Kirby’s Pivotal Character

Production on the first ever Fast & Furious spinoff has been underway for a while now, and thanks to Dwayne Johnson and his social media presence, we have not been allowed to forget that this movie is coming. The movie will team Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw from the original Fast & Furious movies as unlikely partners who will be facing off against Idris Elba’s bad guy. But to no one’s surprise, just as the main movie’s focus on so much, this spinoff will have a large family presence in it as a new cast member has been announced who will no doubt play a pivotal role in this story.

Thank to Johnson and his social media, we now have our first official look at Vanessa Kirby in the movie as Hattie Shaw. That’s right, Kirby will be playing the sister to Statham’s Deckard Shaw. That’s not the only twist. Hattie Shaw also happens to be a “bad ass” MI6 Operative who enjoys “drinking Tequila with Hobbs,” something that will no doubt fuel a little bit more fire between the already blazing flames that is the Hobbs and Shaw relationship. Kirby first landed on the scene from The Crown, but instantly became a fan favorite and actress that many wanted to work with after her turn as the “White Widow” in Mission: Impossible – Fallout this summer.

Statham teases the family dynamic earlier this year, as he said the relationship with his sister, mother (Helen Mirren) and Elba’s character is integral to the story director David Leitch is trying to tell, a story Statham described as a “fucking hardcore” vision.

“We’re trying to build out my relationship with my sister and with my mother and what that means,” Statham said. “What my relationship is with Idris and all these other things. [David] really cares a lot. He’s on the phone all the time and he’s always there and we’re trying to do something really good.”

I really love this addition. I have yet to see The Crown, but have heard nothing but great things about the entire project. As for her role in Fallout, it was awesome. She wasn’t involved as much as I expected, but when she was on screen, there was just something about her that kept pulling me towards her performance (outside of her looks). Most of, if not all of her scenes were with action mega-star Tom Cruise, and she held her own. Now with Hobbs & Shaw, her role has become a pivotal piece to the overall story. The potential the character has and just the thought of seeing Johnson and Kirby, Statham and Kirby, or all three on screen together is very exciting. And if the first image is any indication of what they have in store for us, I’m totally in on this first ever spinoff for the franchise.

Other than those characters from above, not much else is know about the spinoff. It’s been shooting for a while now, which means it’s production could be closing soon, which would mean more details for us sooner rather than later. What do you think of this addition? Do you like Vanessa Kirby? Are you excited for this movie? Leitch’s

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