‘Project X’ Sequel Announced; Get Ready to Party Again!

Its been a hectic week so far, I’m currently half way done with finals for my 1st year in college. Once this week is over I intend on kicking back and partying for a bit. Speaking of parties, there’s a film out there called Project X which features the best party I’ve ever seen in a film. The 2012 found footage comedy documents an entire day where three high schoolers attempt to throw the biggest party ever and make themselves legends among their school. Its a very fun film that’ll make you want to party, and it features a jamming soundtrack. Warner Bros has finally announced the sequel titled Project XX.

I expected the studio to announce this sequel years ago, but the fact that its happening is all that matters. Todd Phillips (The Hangover films) produced the 2012 film, and I expect him to help get this one going as well. No castings have been announced, but I expect the project (no pun intended) to feature a new cast perhaps attempting to out do the first film’s party.

Here’s the trailer below for Project X. Go watch it, if you haven’t. The sequel is scheduled to release on August 19, 2016, which is a date I don’t agree with. I would rather release it earlier in the summer to get the party started, since that’s when school finishes but whatever.

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