‘Hancock 2’ Starring Will Smith & Beyonce?

IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) is a great site to get information on films, especially if your into writing movies like myself. As great as a site it is, it’s not always accurate as far as upcoming films. I bring up IMDB today because they apparently have news on a highly anticipated sequel of mine. According to IMDB, “Hancock 2 will add singer Beyonce Knowles as a female superhero named Carly Kicker. Knowles will be joining star of the first film Will Smith. Now this news is far from confirmed, as no major movie sites are reporting this. However, anything is possible no matter how far outta left field it may come from, so I want to talk about this.


The first “Hancock” film was a huge success financially and critically. The film surprised audiences for the story’s heart and surprised parents who took their kids, with it’s amount of violence. After it’s 2008 release I’ve been waiting for a sequel and am still waiting with much interest. Whether it’s re-writes, scheduling conflicts, or contract negotiations that delayed the sequel, it will happen according to Hancock star Will Smith.


As far as the Beyonce rumored casting as a superhero, here’s my take on why it could be true. Back in 2008, “Hancock” Director Peter Berg confirmed in an interview with MTV that there is in fact a third superhero. Without saying who, he confirmed that they have someone in mind. Whether it was Beyonce or not, the fact is that six years later we still don’t have a sequel. Some people may have lost interest and those same people might also think Will Smith doesn’t have it anymore. For a long overdue “Hancock” sequel, you would need a casting that could generate major interest. Millions of people love Beyonce, she’s one of the most popular singers in the world. Those same fans probably loved her in the film “Obsessed” that also starred actor Idris Elba. Seeing her join Will Smith as another superhero could be interesting. Actually it would be very interesting. Don’t make me use the Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman argument. I would like to see Beyonce star in Hancock 2, there for I hope this rumor is true. Her personality and attitude (from what I read) would fit a character with power. Maybe she’ll fight Charlize Theron who bullied “Hancock” in the first film.

I recently check out the “Hancock 2” IMDB page and Beyonce isn’t listed on the page’s cast, as far as the actual main page. She is listed on the summary when entering the film’s name in the search bar. This is all just a rumor, but should (when) it come true, you heard it here first.


“Hancock 2” has no release date or Director attached. The only people attached to the project is actor Will Smith as ‘Hancock’ and actress Irene Bedard as Knowles Neeson. Long time writer on the project Adam Fierro is writing the screenplay.


Would you fans like to see Beyonce star along side Will Smith in “Hancock 2”? Express your thoughts below! Thanks for reading.

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    • Thank you Denise for the advice. I intend on taking classes for writing to improve myself. For now, I do the best I can, with my intention of giving followers something interesting to read.

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