Long-Delayed ‘White Chicks’ Sequel Might Have New Life

The older I get, the more I realize some of the movies I loved then, have trouble holding up as well today. Don’t get me wrong tough, I still unapologetically love them for what they were. One of those examples is a movie called White Chicks. The 2004 comedy Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans as down on their luck FBI agents who go undercover to catch a kidnapper.

The movie isn’t great or an all-time classic, but its memorable in several ways. I didn’t know of Terry Crews until White Chicks, and his scene stealing performance, serenading A Thousand Miles to an undercover Marlon Wayans, still gets me today.

White Chicks was a box office success making $113 million on a $37 million production budget. For some unknown reason though, a sequel was never developed. The demand is there, given how many fans are often asking for updates. Last year, Marlon Wayans admitted on Larry King Live, “its the one movie whenever I’m on social media… when White Chicks is on, its trending”. And now the long-awaited sequel is given some new life. Director Daniel Kwan, who co-directed the much talked about recent indie Swiss Army Man, confessed his dream project was an R-rated White Chicks sequel.

Oh! One of my dreams is to make White Chicks as a hard-R, Oscar-worthy drama, starring the original cast. It would be about gender and race relations in the 21st century, starring the Wayans Brothers. I don’t know if you have seen White Chicks lately, but it has a lot of meat to it and explores everything, like class, gender, race, the handicapped, age.

Long delayed/awaited comedy sequels don’t have a good track record, especially as of recent. Dumb and Dumber To and Zoolander 2 were destroyed by critics and audiences. Those who think its too late to do a sequel have all the reasons in the world to feel that way. However, the way Kwan is talking about the project lends me to believe there’s something there. The Wayans Brothers have been struggling to get a sequel going, but Kwan’s vision of a hard R take, with the social commentary that explores all the above could be great.

Marlon Wayans has found some modest success, with small budget comedies like A Haunted House and its sequel. Surely, he could use a big hit to jump start his career again. We’ll see if Kwan’s comments make the studio reconsider developing a sequel. I’m also curious to see if the response to a sequel green light will be a welcoming one.

sources: Collider, The Hollywood Reporter

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