Furious 7 – Trailer #1


Fast and Furious 7 (or Furious 7) is a movie that’s been marked on my calendar since it’s announcement. There’s no question the impact of Paul Walker’s sudden passing has since made this film so much more than just another sequel. While watching the first trailer I found myself only focused on seeing if the footage would hint at how they would handle the Brain O’Connor character’s departure. Now that I had a chance to watch it again, Furious 7 is looking like its gonna be bigger and better.

Labeled as a gritty, 70′s-style revenge movie, the trailer opens with a BANG as our guys parachute out an airplane while still in their cars in attempt to rescue a prisoner. While the concept of the action sequences are awesome; Director James Wan doesn’t shy away from the usual over-the-top sequences that we’ve come to expect (Fast & Furious style).


Okay so we’re all familiar with Jason Statham and know that he isn’t someone to mess with right? Well in Furious 7 he’s the older brother of Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) from Fast 6, and he’s pissed off. The stakes couldn’t be any higher for the crew after one their own (Han) was killed by Statham.

Kurt Russell makes an appearance as a character who serves as a mentor to Toretto. The actor hinted that audiences should be suspicious of his character and his motives (Think Robert Redford from Cap 2). Dwayne Johnson returns as Hobbs, and  as expected from a character like Hobbs; breaks out of his cast covering his injured arm, which I assume Jason Statham puts him in and re-joins the fight.

Finally Vin Diesel ends the trailer with the line “I don’t have friends… I got family“. In my mind, it’s no coincidence the trailer then cuts to Paul Walker’s character, as audiences will surely be aware that Furious 7 is as far as his character goes. That’s quite the emotional transition.


All the promotional content leading up to the release of this trailer suggests that Furious 7 will be the last installment in the franchise. I think it’s a shame if that holds any truth as the franchise is bigger than one character and has so much more potential moving forward. That being said if Furious 7 is in fact the last movie, what do you think of the first trailer?

Furious 7 will release in theaters on April 3, 2015.

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