See the Women of ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ in a New Image

The Mission: Impossible franchise may be the holy grail for Tom Cruise and his fans, but the series of action movies have always featured a strong female presence, and that’s no different for the upcoming sixth installment. Michelle Monaghan was the latest added to the cast, where she’ll return as Ethan Hunt’s wife, joining a trio of women that will put a lot of movies to shame. And now we have our first look at them on set.

Director Christopher McQuarrie, as he is with all his films, is very active on set with his social media and the fans. Most recently he revealed our first look at Kal-El himself Henry Cavill and his amazing mustache, now, we have our first look at the leading ladies of the next impossible mission. Alongside Monaghan is Rebecca Ferguson, who is returning to her kick-ass role from Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. They’ll be joined by newcomers Angela Basset and Vanessa Kirby, who round out a talented female cast.

We know that Ferguson is a strong action presence next to Cruise and Monaghan is the love interest who could possibly become a damsel in distress (again), so it’ll be interesting to see what roles Basset and Kirby play. My guess is that Basset will be playing some suit type, possibly part of the newly reconfigured IMF or working alongside Alec Baldwin at the CIA. McQuarrie did reveal very small details about Kirby’s character, but for the most part, this entire film is a big mystery. I hope it stays that ways until at least we get a teaser or trailer, it adds to the anticipation.

These movies over the last few have been superb. Brad Bird did phenomenal work on Ghost Protocol, but visually and story wise. McQuarrie, to many, topped him with his won take on the franchise, breaking down the series and almost rebuilding what it meant to be a spy in this specific world. It leaves me very excited to see him return and tell another story, especially with the cast his has at his disposal. Mission: Impossible 6 will also star Simon Pegg, Sean Harris, and Ving Rhames and hit theaters on July 27th, 2018.

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