‘Suicide Squad’: Harley Quinn’s Backstory & Joker Relationship

Warner Bros had no intention of doing a Suicide Squad movie directly after Batman v Superman, until director David Ayer came along. It was his vision for the characters of Task Force X (Squad) that made the studio entrust him with writing and directing duties. One of the most exciting parts of this villain focused ensemble is the big screen debut of Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie).

Getting the character’s appearance to fit the big screen was only half the battle, with the challenge of her contributions in Task Force making sense. As far as I’m concerned, Harley Quinn was Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, a young psychiatrist with no fighting experience, before falling in love with The Joker and becoming his lover and sidekick. Certain liberties must always be taken when adapting a comic book character into a live-action movie, and Ayer did exactly that. Margot Robbie talked about what kind of version of the character we can expect, during a recent interview.

She loves causing mayhem and destruction. She’s incredibly devoted to the Joker. They have a dysfunctional relationship, but she loves him anyway. She used to be a gymnast — that’s her skill set when fighting.

After re-watching the trailers, her comments made complete sense. From seeing her hang from her prison cell, to doing some insane acrobatic fighting techniques on her mysterious foes (similar to Black Widow in the M.C.U.). It looks like Harley Quinn will offer a lot more than her adventurous and playful (and CRAZY) personality.

As for her devotion towards the Joker, I’ll be interested to see where we find her as she’s recruited into Task Force X, including what kind of history the two have been through. As the trailers have shown, part of the movie will touch on her origins, including a brief run in between the two and Batman. Also, I’m very curious about a possible love triangle between her, Joker, and Deadshot (played by Will Smith), which played a role in the recent DC animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham.

You can expect a lot more Suicide Squad posts from me, as we get closer to its release date. We’re less than a month away, and I seriously cannot wait for this movie to open already!

sources: Collider, Vanity Fair

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