Emoji Movie Confirmed…. And Here I Thought a ‘Play Doh’ Movie was Crazy.

All bets are off… I don’t think I can ever say “they’ll never make a movie out of that idea or thing“, because before you know it a major studio will make it happen. In this case, I’m talking about “emojis“. You know, those small faces you send via text and messengers. Sony Pictures Animation is moving forward on the movie “Emoji“.

According to Deadline, a bidding war happened between Sony, Warner Bros, and Paramount for the project. The bidding reached seven figures before Sony won, so apparently the project is very enticing. Its so enticing in fact that Deadline also reports that another project will be shopped around soon, since no IP is connected to Emoji and its a public domain. So we may have two projects going head to head (i.e. Jon Faverau’s The Jungle Book – Andy Serkis’s Jungle Book Origins).

Sony has pointed Eric Siegel (Men at Work) to write the script, with Anthony Leondis (Kung Fu Panda Short). I’m trying to picture Sony’s vision behind this project and I can’t come to anything that would sound logical. I’m not even sure what’s more crazy….. maybe the Tetris movie.

Now you have something crazy to talk about with your family and friends.

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