Disney Acquires Rights to an African Princess Fairytale Titled ‘Sadé’

We all know that Disney is the king of fairytales and stories about princesses. We have gotten a wide variety of stories about a damsel in distress or a coming of age of a young girl trying to find her way in life through tough times but the thing with most of these
Rick Famuyimastories is the main character usually is of caucasian nationality. Yes I know what your thinking, there are movies like Mulan, The Princess and the Frog, and most recently Moanawhere the main character is not caucasian but the majority of them are. Well it looks like Disney is about to take a step into a new direction with their first ever live action African Princess story.

The idea of this movie comes from Ola Shokunbi and Lindsey Reed Palmer who are also set to write for the movie. At this current time there is no director for the movie. The movie is set to be produced by DOPE director Rick Famuyima. The plot for the movie is as follows:

“The story revolves around a young African girl named Sadé, who lives in a Kingdom that comes under attack by a mysterious evil force. She must quickly accept her newly discovered magical warrior powers to protect herself as well as her people. With the help of the Kingdom’s prince, Sadé must go through a journey that allows her to discover herself and save her Kingdom.”

Although there has been a Disney princess of color, Tiana form The Princess and the Frog, this will mark the first time that Disney is doing a live action movie with a African princess and not an animated character. The movie sounds like it has a great plot and with Famuyima producing it is bound to be great.

So what to do you think? Do you like the sound of the newest Disney princess Sadé? Or are you tired of Disney and their princesses? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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