Sony Is Developing a Black Cat & Silver Sable ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff

It’s clear that Sony Pictures’ plans for the Spider-Man character extend beyond their partnership with Marvel Studios for the upcoming solo-film Spider-Man: Homecoming. In fact, Sony intends on getting the wheels spinning real fast on their “Spiderverse.” Previously, the studio has announced plans for a Venom solo-movie, which apparently will have nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This gives Sony the creative freedom to do whatever they would like with an R-rated character like Venom, without having to reference the MCU or stick to its established tone. While there’s certainly a risk at confusing audiences, there’s also potential in a prominent character like Venom to get his own film.

Just recently, Sony announced that a release date for Venom has been confirmed for October 5, 2018. This announcement of a solid release date tells me the film’s development has progressed well enough for Sony to comfortably move forward. Although no director has been announced, some reports claim that Alex Kurtzman (The Mummy reboot) may have already landed the job. Either way, it looks like we’re getting a Venom movie next year, but that’s not all!

There are now reports of a female fatale movie, set in the “Spiderverse” that will focus on the characters of Black Cat and Silver Sable. According to these reports, the project is in development at Sony and has upcoming Thor: Ragnarok co-writer Chris Yost attached to write the script. Yost will have the benefit of working off a first draft by Lisa Joy (co-creator of Westworld). Sony is quickly looking for potential directors with the intent on beginning production for the untitled film this fall.

For a quick refresher, Felicia Hardy (aka Black Cat) is one of Spider-Man’s biggest love interests in the comics and has a violent backstory. After being raped one night at a University, she vowed never to fall a victim to that again. She trained in combat and acrobatics, with the intent on seeking revenge on her rapists. She eventually followed in her father’s footsteps and became a cat burglar. Consider her an anti-hero. As for Silver Sable, she’s a lesser known character, a mercenary by profession. Similar to Black Cat, she often gives Spidey trouble, and is also considered an anti-hero.

Overall, this all sounds great. I’m a fan of both Venom and Black Cat, while not too familiar with Silver Sable. Sony’s young working relationship with Marvel has likely taught them a few things about running a superhero cinematic universe, properly. Spider-Man has a rich selection of characters, including a rogue’s gallery that many consider to be the best in comics. The fact this Spiderverse has nothing to do with the MCU makes me curious at how they’ll tie in Spider-Man to these characters. Maybe subtle references here and there, but overall there is potential for a darker standalone universe when looking at characters like Black Cat, Venom, and Carnage. Maybe we’ll get more information on this universe building at this year’s comic con.

Sources: THR, Time, MoviePilot,

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