Captain Marvel: Should Marvel Cast Emily Blunt or Brie Larson?

Its an exciting time for the movie news world, and specifically in the casting departments of upcoming major blockbuster films. Lucasfilm just recently found their new Han Solo for the upcoming character solo-movie in Alden Ehrenreich. Meanwhile, Eon Productions, the studio behind James Bond, is searching for their next Agent 007, which could likely be Tom Hiddleston.

Today we’re focusing on one important casting decision that might be the most important one for a particular studio, since it first started back in 2008. In 2019, Marvel will finally have their first female superhero film in Captain Marvel, but who will play the title character?

This casting decision is a big deal for Marvel Studios, because whoever they choose will play a major role in the MCU beyond Avengers: Infinity War Part One & Two (working titles). They will also headline Marvel’s first female led superhero movie. For years, there have been rumors of actresses in contention for the role of Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers). Names like Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation), and even fan-favorite Katee Sackhoff (Riddick). Each one of these actresses fit the part in one way or another, and are all great talents. However, the hot choice has always been Emily Blunt.

The internet has been calling for Marvel to cast Blunt in the role, ever since she kicked ass in Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat.  I’ve been expecting Marvel to get her under contract before her schedule gets any more busier. Unsurprisingly, in true Marvel fashion, the studio has kept quiet, as they take their time scouting every bit of young female Hollywood talent. Thus, a new contender has emerged. One that I hadn’t considered, until very recently. Right now, the major movie news sites are reporting that Brie Larson is now the front runner for Captain Marvel.

I’ve heard the term “front runner” a couple times now as it pertains to Captain Marvel castings, each time with a different actress in the lead. Larson would be a terrific choice for the role, given her recent success winning an Oscar for Best Lead Actress (Room). She’s also 26 years young and beautiful to watch on the big screen. As of right now though, Larson has yet to demonstrate she can be convincing in a big-budget action flick, although we’ll get our first look next year with Kong: Skull Island.

Its obvious that Marvel has plenty of options for the role, but for me it comes down to either Emily Blunt or Brie Larson. Both are incredible female talents in Hollywood, and can lead their own films. It really comes down to what kind of Carol Danvers the studio wants for their MCU. I feel that Emily Blunt could portrayal a more tough as nails, down and dirty Captain Marvel, where as Brie Larson can be a softer, more finesse version of the character. Again, I’ve yet to see Larson in an action-type role, so I can’t definitively say what more she can offer to the role than her incredible dramatic chops.

Another factor would be Marvel’s multi-picture contracts. Part of the studio’s successful formula is getting actors who believe in the material to sign on long term. Emily Blunt turned down Marvel twice in the past (for Natasha Romanoff & Agent Carter). Maybe at the time these roles limited her full potential, or it could’ve been the timing in her young career then. These Marvel movies are a BIG COMMITMENT.

If one thing’s clear, its that Marvel has an eye for talent early on for promising actresses, like Blunt and Larson. Once the contracts on Marvel’s current main stars end, it’ll be characters like Captain Marvel that’ll lead the new era of Marvel movies for years to come.

Who do you see playing Captain Marvel, between Emily Blunt and Brie Larson? Watch Captain America pick below in the video.

Blunt Larson

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  1. Both are really good and would no doubt do a good job. I would take my chances with Brie Larson because she just got an Oscar but Emily Blunt was so good in Sicario. Both are just so good!

    • Agreed on all your points. This is one of those instances where you can’t go wrong with either option.

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