‘Baywatch’ Movie: Casting List for Female Lead Roles Revealed

Paramount Pictures’ upcoming ‘Baywatch’ movie was something I had absolutely no interest in seeing. That all changed immediately, with news that Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron signed on to star as the co-leads. Knowing they both have onscreen charisma and comedic chops, I think the two are perfect for a ‘Baywatch’ movie that Johnson describes as “big, fun, and rated R“.

Obviously, the next big news for ‘Baywatch’ will be who they cast in the female roles. And while we have no official casting announcements as of yet, we do have a casting list featuring a couple familiar names (courtesy of Deadline).

Those names are:

‘Baywatch’ will begin production this coming February, so I expect official casting announcements very soon. The movie will reportedly have very little to do with the original series, and instead go for a comedy-heavy take. That being said, parts were reportedly written for David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson to reprise their roles (ComingSoon), which would be a nice call back to the 90’s TV series.

While there’s no official synopsis, its said that Dwayne Johnson will play a by-the-rules lifeguard who teams with a hot headed partner (Efron). Together they save a beach from the destruction of an oil tycoon. Seth Gordon will direct, who’s best known for directing Horrible Bosses.

No official release date has been announced. Look for more updates on ‘Baywatch’ coming soon.

Who from this list are you hoping to see in the movie?

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