Ra’s al Ghul Cast in CW’S ARROW- No, It’s Not Liam Neeson

matthew nable ras al ghulrag1.5

About a week ago we posted an article about Laim Neeson wanting to reprise the role Ra’s al Ghul on the show ‘Arrow’ (see here) and although that would be really cool for fans, DC/CW have found their League of Assassins leader in Matthew Nable.

Nable is not very well known among casual movie fans but you may have seen him recently in ‘Riddick’ as Boss Johns and he has a few other projects coming up. Here’s a picture of him in ‘Riddick’ for those of you unfamiliar with the actor:


I do not know much about him as an actor but I thought he was decent in ‘Riddick’ and the people in charge at DC/CW have had excellent casting choices so far, therefor I’m sure they are confident in their choice of Nable. It’s just nice to know we will being seeing Ra’s al Ghul in ‘Arrow’ finally, they’ve teased us so much! Arrow season 3 premiers October 8th on CW.

What do you guys think? Is Nable a solid choice for Ghul or do you have no idea who he is? Express your thoughts in the comment section.

Sources: comingsoon.net , IMDB, CW

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