“Kick Ass 3″… No Thanks! How about a “Hit Girl” spin-off film?

The year for Comic Book films in 2010 was almost a complete letdown. At the time, the highly anticipated “Iron Man 2” film was released. I wanted the sequel to be great as the first film, but instead it left me saying “that was… okay”. Another film had released that year called “Jonah Hex“. I didn’t care how sexy Megan Fox looked in the trailers, it looked dumb and not worth my time. Turns out I was right. The only other Comic Book film released that year was “Kick Ass“.

Big Daddy


To be honest, (which I always am) it was the character poster featuring “Big Daddy” that caught my interest for the film. I couldn’t help but notice the characters costume’s comparison to “Batman“, which I found funny. “Kick Ass” ended up being one of the surprise hits for me, for being much more than what was marketed. The film not only hit on it’s comedic moments, but also made characters like “Big Daddy” and “Hit Girl” violent, yet surprisingly fun. “Kick Ass” went on to gross 3 times it’s production budget alone, making it very profitable. The film’s ending teased a sequel featuring the “Red Mist” character as the main villain.

Three years later comes “Kick Ass 2“, which was one of the more films that I was anticipating. As a fan of the first, I loved the style of the film, the humor between the characters and most importantly seeing the “Colonel Stars and Stripes” character, played by “Jim Carrey“. The film ended up not doing so well at the box office financially and critically with the majority of the audience that did show up to theaters for it. This is due to several reasons according to critics, a star of the film and myself. Which actually leads me to the inspiration behind this article. The star of “Kick Ass” (1 & 2), “Hit Girl” herself “Chloe Grace Moretz” and her recently spoken words.

Kick Ass 2

In a recent interview with IGN, “Chloe Grace Moretz” expressed her doubts on whether we could see a “Kick Ass 3” on the big screen. According to her, “Kick Ass 2” suffered financially due to the film being pirated. She revealed that the film was the second most pirated film that year. Having expressed interest in returning to the property for a third installment, she recognized that it more than likely won’t happen due to ticket sales for “Kick Ass 2”. The film grossed $60 mil (worldwide) on a $30 mil budget alone.

I can see what she means as far as movie pirating. It’s a growing problem for Hollywood, especially today when Box Office numbers determine the fate of a film’s future of becoming a franchise. However with “Kick Ass 2” not doing so well, that was contributed to a number of things. One, the film lost it’s Director for the first film, “Matthew Vaughan“. Vaughan is a talented filmmaker and fan favorite Director, known for his work on films like “X-Men: First Class” and “Stardust“. Vaughan just has a talent for Comic Book films. What makes the first one better was it felt complete and never too over the top . Second, the film suffered from it’s own star’s choice of words. Actor “Jim Carrey” expressed his controversial opinions on Gun Laws, while not supporting his own work on “Kick Ass 2”. When a star as big as “Jim Carrey” does that, the film will no doubt lose interest from the public. Also, the film released near the end of a very crowded summer season that included “Iron Man 3” and “Man of Steel“. Though I ended up liking “Kick Ass 2”, it wasn’t anywhere near as much as I liked the first. I saw it a step down in nearly every way from what was great about the original.


For those reasons, I do not want to see a “Kick Ass 3”. The characters are noticeably older and where would you go after how the second film ended? I don’t want this property ending up like “The Hangover” which gave a great first film that spawned two not needed follow ups. What I would like to see however is a  spin-off film that follows “Hit Girl”. Though “Kick Ass 2” was a weaker film compared to the first, her scenes in the film were some of the brighter spots in a what felt like a cloudy sequel. I would also be interested in seeing the studio somehow come up with a way to make a film about the adventures of “Big Daddy” and “Hit Girl”. The two characters worked so well together in the first film. Nicolas Cage‘s performance was also incredible in that role. Any of those two ideas would work with me, however we probably have seen the last of all things “Kick Ass” at least for awhile.

Hit Girl

This is all just my opinion. Do you want to see a “Kick Ass 3” made?  If not, how about a “Hit Girl” spin-off film? EXPRESS you thoughts on this below! As always, thanks for reading.

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