Die Hard 6 MUST Have Bruce Willis Reunite with Samuel L. Jackson

Written by Giorgio Ramos

There is a RUMOR going around the internet about the next installment in the ‘Die Hard’ franchise that could bring back a familiar character. A tweet from Latino Review’s Elmayimbe (see below) claims that 20th Century Fox is searching for writers to come up with a story for the film that MUST include Samuel L. Jackson’s Zeus character.


TWITTER SCOOP: FOX is meeting writers for takes on next DIE HARD. It has to involve John McClane AND Samuel Jackson’s Zeus Carver character!

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Die Hard with a Vegeance

Let’s start off with the ‘Die Hard’ franchise itself. Does it need another installment? My answer is yes.

As a fan of the franchise, the latest one ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ was such a disappointment. I thought the previous film ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ was awesome and it revitalized the franchise, putting John McClane (Willis) in a modern day situation facing a cyber terrorist. It’s probably my favorite one next to ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’. However, it seem like 20th Century Fox just didn’t care with ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ and put a bunch of lazy action sequences together. Obviously, they cared but the movie didn’t feel like a ‘Die Hard’ movie at all. With a 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, there’s no way ‘Die Hard’ can end on that note. Regardless if fans of the old ‘Die Hard’ want the franchise to end, the movie made over $300 million worldwide including $237 million foreign. So the franchise is still marketable (at least internationally) and it’s looking like 20th Century Fox wants to keep this franchise alive.

So how do you bring back the audience’s interest, and fans for that matter, to a franchise who’s last movie seem like a cash grab flick? You bring back a familiar character from the franchise in Sam Jackson, right? Look Bruce Willis owns ‘Die Hard’, he gave one of the most memorable performance in the original, along with his signature “yippee ki yay mother….” (you know the rest). But I don’t believe in this day Bruce Willis could carry an action film alone anymore.  He was great in Looper playing along side Joseph Gordon Levitt. He was great in Expendables and Red, but he also had a cast of talented and legendary actors/actresses with him. He’s not alone, look at Stallone and Schwarzenegger.


I loved ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’. Willis and Jackson’s characters played so well off each other.  Sure the plot of the movie had it’s holes, but anytime two these actors were on screen together I was laughing and at times on the edge of my seat. Bringing Jackson back to the franchise will generate allot more interest because he’s both marketable and still on his A-game with great performances in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and ‘Django Unchained’. Not to say Willis isn’t, but he has been making questionable decisions lately.

I’m sure 20th Century Fox has other options on the table but I like this one and really think it can work. I realize the director of ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’ John McTiernan has had legal issues. Having paid his dues, at least time wise, I don’t see why Fox shouldn’t bring back someone who has worked with this franchise and both Willis and Jackson. We’ll soon get word on just what Fox plans to do, but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping all this happens.

What do you think Fox should do with the ‘Die Hard’ franchise? Would bringing Samuel L. Jackson back make you interested in seeing another installment?

Express your thoughts below!

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  1. Hey guys,
    Great blog. Enjoy the analysis and opinion a lot. In regards to the continuation of the Die Hard franchise, sounds good to me. I was always a fan. Fox has a great brand that continues to produce money, so it makes all the cents(sorry had to do that!) to reboot. Looks like they were trying to “pass the baton” a little with Die Hard 5 co-starring Jai Courtney ( I could only watch 50 minutes of the first one. Very uninteresting movie). I totally agree with your opinion on Die Hard 4. I was very much entertained, and thought it was a good way to end there or as you mentioned revitalizing the franchise. I didn’t enjoy Die Hard 3 very much, though I did enjoy the chemistry with Jackson and Willis. It would be great to bring them back together (could be cost prohibitive for Fox). One comment about the franchise, I know sequels need to up the ante with action and settings, but it would be great to get back to smaller space of the first film. Every single sequel is bigger and grander: Building, airport, NYC, The East Coast, Russia (i.e, international Die Hard). Maybe John McClane goes to Mars in the next one?!

    • I love your comment. It’s always great getting other people’s views and opinions. I agree with almost everything you said. I love “Die Hard with a Vengeance”, it was a little different than the first two movies. Also, Jeremy Irons was great, as the brother of the Rickman’s character in the first movie. I just hope the sequel doesn’t get too big that the story takes away who the John McClane character really is. And as for him going to Mars, get Sam Jackson as well, DO IT Fox! haha

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