New ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Images Finally Reveal Alice Eve’s Villainous Typhoid Mary

The premiere of Iron First Season 2 is just around the corner, and in anticipation for the follow-up season, Marvel and Netflix has released a number of new images for the upcoming episodes that finally reveal one of its most exciting aspects: Alice Eve. Eve will be arriving in Marvel’s Netflix universe as the classic villain Typhoid Mary, a character many have wanted to see for quite some time. And thanks to the shows official Instagram account, we now have our first official look at Eve as the character.

Typhoid Mary was created by writer Ann Nocenti and artist John Romita Jr. and has mainly been both an arch nemesis and love interest to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Matt Murdock. In the comics, the characters has been portrayed as having psych abilities with three completely different personalities: the meek “Mary,” the outgoing and lustful “Typhoid,” and the sadistic “Bloody Mary.” (Collider)

With Daredevil in limbo right now (we don’t know where he is following The Defenders), and Danny Rand pretty much vowing to take the place of Murdock’s alter-ego while he’s gone, it makes complete sense to bring Typhoid Mary into the fold for Iron Fist in his second season. Not only that, but Season 1 of Iron Fist didn’t have enough oomph, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Alice Eve can pack a punch and give some real depth to a character like this one.

At this point, it hasn’t been revealed how close they’re going to stick to her original comic book origin or powers, but one thing is for sure, she needs to be the season long villain. It needs to be constant, episode by episode. Iron Fist Season 1 was by far the worst of the Netflix introductions  from Marvel thus far, and one of its biggest issues was the fact that The Hand was just uninteresting after already being used in Daredevil. The past will no doubt be haunting Danny Rand in Season 2, but let’s hope Alive Eve is given some rich material that will show the true power of Typhoid Mary as well.

Check out the new photos below, and after doing so, leave your thoughts about Iron Fist Season 2 below. Have you liked the trailers? Do you think Alive Eve can be a season-long villain? Can she last longer than one season? Are you over these marvel Netflix shows already? Starring Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey, Sacha Dhawan and Simone Missick, Iron Fist Season 2 will debut on Netflix on September 7th.

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