7 Important Things You Might Have Missed in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

SPOILERS: For Avengers: Infinity War in this article.

7. Morgan Stark

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 7.50.12 PM.png

When we meet Tony Stark in Avengers: Infinity War, he is talking to Pepper Potts about his dream where they both ended up having a son. Even more ironic is the fact that he said the child’s name was Morgan. In the comic books Tony doesn’t have a son named Morgan, but instead has a cousin named Morgan Stark. In the comics Morgan Stark becomes highly jealous of his cousin and eventually becoming the supervillian to operate the massive mechanical machine “Ultimo”. This part of the movie has left many fans wondering if Pepper is pregnant.


6. Stormbreaker / Beta Ray Bill
Thor RagnarokOne of the biggest events to happen in the movie was that Thor got a new hammer from the Dwarf King Eitri in the realm of Nidavellir, that hammer was named Stormbreaker. If that sounds familiar too you its probably because you’ve heard of the character Beta Ray Bill before. Beta Ray Bill is a horse like looking creature from the Korbinite race, whom at one point in the comic books wielded Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 1.46.38 PM.pngand later Odin granted him a new hammer of his own named Stormbreaker. We have seen hints of Beta Ray Bill throughout the MCU most recently in Thor: Ragnarok when we saw the Grandmaster’s Palace on Sakaar. You can see Beta Ray Bill’s face his built into the side of the building. Storm breaker itself is made out of “Uru” which is an indestructible metal and the hammer can also channel the power of Bifrost.


5. The Soulworld

During the movie we see one of our beloved Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora, perish at the hands of her father Thanos. The reason behind it was told to us by the Red Skull who had been guarding the Soul Stone on Vormir. In order to retrieve the Soul Stone, one must sacrifices someone the love in order for them to receive the Soul Stone. We then seeThanos-Infinity-War-Soulworld Thanos throw Gamora over the cliff to her death. But later in the film after Thanos collects all six Infinity Stones and snaps his fingers, he wakes up in a orange tinted world where young Gamora is there. In the comics Soulworld is a place where souls get trapped inside the Soulworld in basically a eternal paradise. It was also recently confirmed by the directors that Gamora’s soul is inside the soul stone. So what does that mean? It could potentially lead to Gamora being freed and alive or even just having some type of plot moving forward to Avengers 4. I think it might be safe to say we will be seeing Gamora again.


4. The Eternals Easter Egg

Recently we have been hearing a lot of rumors that Marvel is looking at bringing The Eternals into the MCU. While nothing has been confirmed or even announced, Avengers: 2802462-she_hulk__7___page_15.jpgInfinity War did put pieces into place to leave the option open in the future. During the movie Red Skull greets Thanos and Gamora but the way he greets Thanos is very interesting because he says “Thanos, son of A’Lars”. For those unfamiliar by that name, A’Lars as stated, is Thanos’ father, but the most interesting thing is that A’Lars in the comics was an Eternal, a not only that but a founder of the Eternal Colony on Titan. We even get a glimpse of old Titan in the movie where they look like humans. You may be thinking “wait Thanos is a giant purple guy, not human looking”, thats because in the Eternals there is something called the “Deviant” gene. This gene causes them to have different appearances than that of the normal human looking Eternals. There is a lot to take in from all of this, but one can only wonder why Marvel specifically choose for Red Skull to greet Thanos the way he did by announcing his fathers name.


3. The Planet Vormir

The next three are important because they all have connections to Captain Marvel. The first one is the planet of Vormir, which in the movie was where the Soul Stone was being watched by the Red Skull. Vormir in the movie seemed to be a empty almost abandoned d39a1839-ea07-46b2-b7af-7a391cc5cea5-gallery-1524665757-star-stalker-avengers-marvel-comics-engelhart-h2.jpgplanet, but in the comics it is home to the race known as the Vorms. The Vorms are a giant reptile type creature that kind of look like dragons. While all of this is cool, the thing that is interesting is that it is apart of the Kree Galaxy. The Kree are a blue skinned alien race that we have seen because Ronan the Accuser was trying to rule the Kree. What is interesting is that they would choose a place that Captain Marvel most surely knows about being that it is in the Kree Galaxy since her powers come from the Kree themselves. It could just all be a coincidence but its worth noting.


2. Captain Marvel End Credit

While most of us were expecting some type of Captain Marvel hint in the movie, I don’t think many of us expect Nick Fury to be the one to contact Captain Marvel via a Captain Marvelintergalactic pager. It was a cool little nod to get us excited for Captain Marvel next year. The real question is “Why didn’t he call her before?” Now I’m sure there is a really good explanation for this but it does leave all of us wondering, if Thanos is about to destroy half the universe, wouldn’t it kind of be a good time for her to come and help out? I’m sure everything will be explained more when Captain Marvel comes to theaters on March 6th, 2019.


1. Kree-Skrull War Hints

Avengers: Infinity WarOne of the most interesting things and pretty easily missed lines in the movie was after the Guardians of the Galaxy find Thor and bring him on their ship. We see Gamora rubbing on Thor’s arm and she says “It’s like his muscles are made of Cotati metal fibers.” This line is actually kind of a big deal for fans of Captain Marvel and the history of the Kree-Skrull War. In the comic books the Cotati is a highly-advanced race of telepathic humanoid tree people that shared the planet Hala with the Kree. The Skrulls came to the planet and decided to only choose one race between the Cotati and the Kree to represent the planet. A handful of each race was taken to a barren moon and left to see who would flourish, winner representing the planet Hala. The Kree built a city while the Cotati built a huge garden. The Kree sensing they would lose killed Screen-Shot-2017-07-23-at-8.09.44-AM.pngall the Cotati and the Skrull ambassadors, thus inciting the War. This plays a large impact because Captain Marvel receives her powers from Mar-Vell who is a Kree soldier, but not as much of a war monger like his people. Captain Marvel has been confirmed to involve the Kree-Skrull War conflict in some capacity but we don’t know much beyond that. Either way this was a cool nod in the movie.


Those are the “7 Important Things You Might Have Missed in Avengers: Infinity War“. Did you catch all those references in the movie? Do you know something I don’t. Let us know in the comments below!

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