‘Thor Ragnarok’: Has Anthony Hopkins’ Odin Gone Mad?

One of the things I’m most looking forward to in Thor: Ragnarok is the state of Thor’s father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins). The last time we (thought we) saw the character was in the final scene of Asgard in The Dark World, where its revealed that Loki has taken over the throne disguised as him. Spoiler yes, but the movie has been out for three years now. Anyways, there’s a good chance early on in Ragnarok  that Odin’s fate will be addressed in-depth. However, this set photo hints at that, while possibly confirming an earlier rumor.

Back in January, I wrote about a rumor that revealed what happened to Odin. Apparently, the King of Asgard gets dethroned by his son (Loki) and retreats to Earth. There, he’s dressed as a hobo-like person that chants ‘the end is nigh’, warning humans of the impending apocalypse. At the time, the rumor sounded bizzare, and I just couldn’t come around seeing Hopkins commit to such a role. But as it turns out, Hopkins is all-in on the idea of playing a mad man, as the set photo below shows the veteran in filthy clothes.

This photo is the latest example of what kind of unexpected things director Taika Waititi has in store. I’ve expected Ragnarok to be a dark story for Thor since the beginning, but the involvement of Waititi, along with this set photo lends to the idea that Marvel wants to also make it fun. As for Hopkins, this could be yet another example of the kind of range the Oscar winning actor is capable of giving. He’s spent the previous two Thor films giving orders, in a deep sleep, and sitting on a throne. Perhaps he’s excited to finally have some fun with the character, with what looks to be his final performance as The All Father.

sources: IGN

set photo via. ComingSoon.Net

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