‘Pearl Harbor’ Honest Trailer: Experience a Michael Bay Fan Fiction Version of History

While Screen Junkies usually likes to give honest trailers to the most recent movies to be released on Blu-ray and DVD, every once in a while they’ll step back in time and revisit one from the past. This time it’s Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor.

A movie that was a pretty exciting project back in the day, with a solid cast and some of the best trailers ever released, turned out to be one of the disappointments in recent memory. While I was a bit to young to realize its flaws then, they are very clear now while watching, with the usual Michael Bay tropes, plus a very unneeded love triangle.

Let’s be clear, the action is pretty awesome and the dogfights are just badass, but is that what this film and story deserved? One of the two most tragic events in our history doesn’t deserve big explosions and lots of gunfire, it easily deserves something else entirely. A perfect example would be James Cameron’s Titanic. The kind of delicate touch used for that film is exactly what that story deserved. Could you imagine what Titanic would’ve looked like if directed by Michael Bay? Oh god… Anyway, check out SJ’s Pearl Harbor honest trailer below, pointing out all of its frustrating missteps.

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