Sylvester Stallone Winning His First Golden Globe Felt Like an Oscar Moment

Sylvester Stallone

The best thing the Golden Globes Award Ceremony offers its viewers at home is entertainment. When else can we see our favorite celebrities in Hollywood come together and get drunk off champagne on live television? Its an opportunity for the hardest workers in Hollywood to have a little fun during such a formal awards season.

This year’s show featured many laughs from those in attendance, however, I think everyone can agree there was one special moment which will be remembered when looking back.

Sylvester Stallone winning the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture – Drama for Creed was something special to watch. Stallone gave all his heart into his latest performance as Rocky Balboa. Its a performance that surprised many critics and long time fans of the actor. Seeing him make his way to the stage to accept his award and everyone in the audience standing and cheering for him was a priceless moment. It nearly brought tears to my eyes, because of how much I love the Rocky character, and seeing the risk that Stallone took in returning to the character payoff, especially after giving him a proper closing in Rocky Balboa. Ignore the reports that say he might have forgotten to give thanks to Ryan Coogler & Michael B. Jordan while on-air (he actually did during the commercial break). He deserved his moment for someone who hasn’t been nominated for a Golden Globe in nearly 40 years.

Stallone’s chances of winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor is a long shot. However, I think I speak for many Rocky fans when I say that a nomination itself will be win for the actor. If tonight’s award acceptance moment at the Golden Globes ends up being the only one for Stallone this awards season, than I’m truly proud for him. Because just like in that ’77 Rocky film, whether he wins or loses at the Oscars, the Italian Stallion will, in my eyes, remain a winner.

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