Steven Spielberg will Not Focus on the 80’s for ‘Ready Player One’

The story for Ready Player One features so many pop culture references of the 1980’s, many of which from the work of Steven Spielberg. So when news broke the director would take on the adaptation of the story by Ernest Cline, it was widely accepted by fans because of the perfect fit. The man who directed/produced films like Indiana Jones, E.T., The Goonies, and Back to the Future would be able to insert these references into the story, in a way no other storyteller possibly could.

Except that’s not the route Spielberg is interested in taking with Ready Player One.

Spielberg told USA Today how “very trippy” it feels to be an influence on himself in a way. His intention is not to remind people of his 80’s movies, stating “I may leave most of them out!

I know Spielberg’s words may sound worrisome for fans of the novel, but if he’s saying the focus of the movie will not be the references, then I support his vision. To me, it sounds like he’s not saying that he’ll abandon the idea of inserting his own work into the story completely, but he doesn’t want to get the hopes up for anyone looking to take a trip down memory lane. Here’s what Steven Spielberg has in mind.

“[The movie is] a crystal ball into exactly what is going to be happening not in 30 or 40 years but in between 5 and 10 years from now, where a virtual world becomes almost like a drug of choice and where we are spending more time in a non-organic space than we are breathing and eating and interacting in real life.

Spielberg referenced the time he observed this through his kids and their friends.

They socialize for about a half hour, and it gets very quiet,” he says. “I walk into the kitchen and eight or nine girls are sitting around and they’re all looking at their phones, Snapchatting and texting and Twittering and reading. It’s all become so introverted.

This movie is going to show why it’s interesting not living in the real world but what we’re missing by not,” Spielberg adds. “It’s a cautionary tale but it’s also a big rockin’ adventure movie, too.”

I haven’t read the book as of yet, so I can’t be too concerned in regards to where Spielberg wants to take this adaptation. I do think he’s very much the perfect fit for this movie. This is the type of action/adventure blockbuster (not named Robopocalypse) that we’ve been waiting for Spielberg to direct. I do like the casting of Olivia Cooke for the female lead role, and with cameras set to start rolling next June we’ll get more updates relatively soon. One rumor I’m very much hoping is true involves Gene Wilder coming out of retirement for the role of the Oasis creator.

For those of you who’ve read the book, how do you feel about Spielberg’s comments?

Ready Player One is scheduled to release on December 15, 2017.

Unofficial Synopsis: 

In the year 2044, exists a virtual reality utopia called OASIS. A reality for people to escape the real ugly world. One of those people is a teenager named Wade Watts. When OASIS’s creator J.D Halliday died, he left an easter egg (video game secrets) based on his obsession of the 80’s culture where he grows up, those who obtained it will receive his fortune. Wade Watts along with many other players called “Gunters” race against the “Sixers”, a group of paid gunters working for the evil IOI industries, in searching the easter egg inside the OASIS. When Wade founds the first clue concerning the easter egg. Wade Watts and five other Gunters who also find the clue became the Sixer’s and Gunter’s primary target both in the OASIS and also the real world. (IMDB)

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