Leonardo DiCaprio to star in “The Crowded Room”


We’ve seen Leonardo DiCaprio do a wide range of performances throughout his career, and now he’s putting them all into one film.Dicaprio will star in the film “The Crowded Room” which is based off the book The Minds of Billy Milligan. Sounds interesting, but who is Billy Milligan?

Billy was the first person to successfully use mental illness as a legal defense and win. He was acquitted for charges involving armed robbery, and the rape of three women. The reports state that Billy wasn’t aware that he committed those crimes, and that it was his two other personalities committing the crimes, which he couldn’t control.

Its kind of sad to see such a disgusting low life get a book and a movie, but whatever. As far as the film goes, this is the kind of challenge that DiCaprio looks for in a role. He always brings a lot of energy and focus on the set of a movie. He’ll definitely need both to play a guy who was diagnosed with 24 different personalities. This is also the kind of role with Oscar potential. No word on who the director will be, but considering DiCaprio’s involvement, I’ll bet it’ll be a big name (Fincher?!).

More updates on this will come later on.

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  1. I read an article in a Madison, WI newspaper about a man confirmed to be a genuine suffer of Multiple Personality Disorder. I also know this man. The article was titled “The Crowded Cell.” He, and his siblings, were all abused by a tyrant father as children. The father moved the kids from school to school to prevent anyone noticing results of the abuse, which included physical, mental, and sexual abuse. This was during the 50’s and early 60’s. He was taken out of school one week into the 9th grade to support his family. At 19, one alter, named Sgt. Mike, enlisted in the Army and volunteered for Vietnam. Exposure to traumatic events there made this man’s problems even worse. After an Honorable discharge, the alters could not hold employment for long. Sgt. Mike did not like things as they were and went to reenlist in the Army. Another alter took over and signed up for a “safe job” as a clerk. This angered Sgt. Mike, who got them transferred to another post as a Military Police Man. Without Sgt. Mike knowing, another alter got out of the service after 3 years with another Honorable discharge. There marriage ended in divorce. They were arrested for passing bad checks. They received a three year prison sentence. Upon their release. They visited a church and members attempted remove the “demons” (alters) by praying and laying their hands all over him. One of the alters decided to enroll in Bible College. However, they were arrested on several forgery charges they did not commit. However, they were found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison. One month later Sgt. Mike escaped from a maximum security prison. He used his survival training to survive and get away from dogs and guards. One year later, the group was captured and returned to prison. An additional year was tacked on their sentence for the escape. Back in prison, he was notified that his mother had died. He was placed in the “hole” to “keep his mind straight.” Upon his discharge from this sentence, he was parolled to his father’s home. He visited the grave yard of his mother and the realization that his mother was really dead hit him hard. He visited the church he and his wife once attended. She was there, with her new husband and children. Sgt. Mike began acquiring weapons. This all took its toll on the alters, none of which knew about the other. Within one month, an alter traveled to Wisconsin, at which time, two alters, were involved in robbing a woman and sexually assaulting her. One alter had taken a cab to the crime scene. Not knowing about what happened, another alter took the same cab back to where they were staying. They were captured the next day when another alter attempted to catch the same cab. The driver had been contacted by the police. While in jail, Sgt Mike fashioned a realistic looking hand gun he was going to use in an escape attempt. The plot was foiled by another inmate. His lawyer failed to represent him and failed to follow court orders to have him examined by mental health providers. This lawyer later surrendered his license to practice law. After a short 2 1/2 hour jury trial, he was sentenced to serve 65 years in prison. He was transferred to maximum security, where he began treatment from several prison psychiatrist, who diagnosed him as Multiple Personality Disorder. While treatment was progressing and the alters were made aware of each other, one day Sgt. Mike had a flash-back to Vietnam in the dinning area. He told a guard at the door that he needed to get 12 body bags ready, because 12 enemy combatants were in the mess hall. Guards converged on Sgt. Mike. They were then committed to a state maximum security mental health facility. Four months later, several psychiatrist there confirmed the Multiple Personality diagnosis during an intensive multi-disciplinary treatment program, which included a background investigation and contacting people who knew them since childhood. However, 2 days after confirming the diagnosis, in writing, the treatment team was contacted by prison officials who expressed the “concern” that the MPD diagnosis might cause the court to release them, like Billy Milligan. A decision was made by the treatment team and other officials to change the diagnosis, creating false information and a number of false simularities to Milligan. Their treatment was terminated and they were transferred back to the maximum security prison. Original prison doctors then attempted to continue treatment for MPD. As a result, one was fired and another was transferred to another prison. A directive was issued, in writing, that he was to not receive any psychiatric treatment. Several years later, another prison doctor, who morally did not agree with the directive, and who also diagnosed the man with MPD. This doctor secretly began treating the alters. New attorneys for this man were able to obtain documents from the mental institution and prison to prove what officials were doing to this man. A malpractice suit was filed and the state and mental health facility. At the same time, attorneys were able to get his case over turned in court. After serving 12 years, he was found to be not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. The court committed him to a state mental health facility, one other than the one he was in before. Unfortunately, officials again intervened and ignored the court order. He was transferred back to the same facility and the same treatment team which abused him. He was warehoused, without any treatment or diagnosis for two more years. His “treatment” consisted of the doctors trying to pressure him to drop the malpractice suite against them. The trial court then got involved again. The court found that he did not pose any danger to himself or others and ordered him to be release to the community in 1999. In the court’s order, the judge stated that “this case is the stuff that movies are made of. Officials changed the diagnosis overnight and no one will say why. It is a frightening situation of what a government agency can do.” The state then quickly settled the suit. He was married to a woman in 1996. Upon his release from prison he and his wife purchased a home. He they entered psychiatric treatment, which he paid for. When he was unable to locate employment, he started two businesses. Both businesses were very successful. But true to their prior attempts to make sure he failed, prison officials, who were supervising his release, attempted to interfere with his treatment, and ordered him to shut down his business. His attorneys were forced to return to the court, which ordered officials to leave him alone. He was permitted to continue treatment and to start his business back up again. He has written two books about the services his businesses offered. He is writing a third book, which is expected to be released in 2015. While his treatment for MPD ended in 2012, several alters refused to “fuse” and have turned out to be very supportive and helpful. He received a police medal of gallantry for capturing a man who broke into his home and attempted to assault his wife. Despite the numerous attempts by state officials to impede his rehabilitation for the past 30 years, he continues to live a happy and positive life with his wife and children. One of his attorney’s, Elizabeth Neary, of Waukasha, WI, is returning to the court to attempt to have him removed from state supervision.

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