Michael Jai White, Why Aren’t You a Big Action Star?

Blood N Bone

I’m a big fan of Michael Jai White. He’s a one heck of a Martial Artist (7 black belts) and an actor who I would’ve liked to have seen in more films. Many people may not know him by name, but he’s one of those actors who you see and go “Hey he was in that one movie“. That bothers me, because I feel like he should have a bigger career in movies than he does today.

I understand that he may not have the best acting abilities, but I’m only talking about those popcorn flick type action movies. Films like Spawn, Universal Soldier: The Return, and recently Blood and Bone are some I consider very entertaining. A couple years ago, there was a Mortal Kombat Rebirth short film on YouTube that was created in hopes for a Mortal Kombat reboot film. When I saw White as the Jax Briggs character, I was thinking how perfect he was for that role. Unfortunately, someone at Warner Bros. was an idiot and decided to not give the green light for Kevin Tancharoen’s vision for a modern Mortal Kombat film. Missed opportunity for White and the studio.

Since then, Michael Jai White has been in mainly low budget films that go straight to On Demand. I do hope he gets a chance at a role in a big film (Maybe Expendables 4?). Heck, I’d rather see him as the Jon Stewart/Green Lantern in the current DC Universe than Tyrese Gibson (no offense Gibson, love your work). That’s just my two cents on this subject.

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  1. I’ve blogged about this and asked the same question. Why isn’t this guy a major action star? I was hoping to see him get the role of Luke Cage/Powerman but alas, he was once again passed over.

    • Jon Stewart Green Lantern? I dunno I’m just throwing out roles that I know he’s capable of doing. Such a shame.

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