“Step Up: All In” – Featuring an All-Star Crew

The “Step-Up” franchise isn’t known for it’s quality in acting or it’s plot, but rather it’s spectacular dance choreography. Each follow up film has focused on stepping up (pun) the dancing sequences and visuals, which is really what we watch these films for in the first place. That being said, Step-Up has managed to give it’s fans three true follow up dance films since the original, making it the only “Dance Movie” in the 00’s to have a successful franchise. The first trailer for the fourth installment, “Step Up: All In” has released.


Following in the events of “Step Up: Revolution”, the Flash Mob Crew head to Los Angeles in search of finding success. Harsh reality begins to set in as the crew are unable to make their dancing dream come true. They soon learn that their only chance for success is in a major dance competition in Las Vegas called “The Vortex”. To compete for the prize of a three year dance contract in Vegas, the crew re-assemble an All-Star crew to compete with the best.

I’ll admit that I been over the Step Up franchise since after the second film, but this new one looks to be bigger and better. For fans who seen every Step Up, having characters from different films come together (Days of Future Past style) is certainly exciting. Returning from Step Up: Revolution is Ryan Guzman and Misha Gabriel. Returning from Step Up 3D is Stephen “tWitch” Boss. Returning from Step Up 2: The Streets is the beautiful Briana Evigan. Also returning is Alyson Stoner from Step Up and series regular/fan favorite Adam Sevani. Just having all the stars from the previous films makes this new one way more interesting.

Step Up films – Production Budget/ Worldwide Gross

  • Step Up (2006) – $12 million/$114 million
  • Step Up 2: The Streets (2008) – $23 million/ $150 million
  • Step Up 3D (2010) – $30 million/ $159 million
  • Step Up: Revolution (2012) – $33 million/ $140 million

Step Up

Since the previous film, Step Up: Revolution grossed less at the box office than 2 and 3D, the studio is immediately looking to do more with “All In” to keep their success going. I think bringing in characters from the previous films (no Channing Tatum) is a great move. Look for this to be a late summer hit.


Step Up: All In releases hits theaters August 8, 2014


Does this cast make you want to see this new Step Up? Should they just stop making these films? Express your thoughts below! Thanks for reading.

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    • For sure this one looks a lot more interesting. The dance sequences never let down. Step Up 2 was the last one I saw in theaters because I enjoyed the first one so much. But I think I might watch this one in theaters, it’s been awhile since I seen a dance film on the big screen.

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