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Take a Look at Over 40 New High-Res ‘Batman v Superman’ Images

The countdown clock on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been, well, counting down for just over two weeks now. But this Friday will see everything, including speculation and hype, officially culminate as Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder’s gargantuan superhero film hits theaters. The film is now so close […]

Total Film Reveals Their ‘Batman V Superman’ Cover featuring DC’s Trinity; New Images Give Some Very Cool BTS Looks

It’s always exciting when two huge superheroes share the screen together, but it’s even better when said superheroes collide with one another. That’s exactly what next year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is all about. Following Man of Steel and being the next step in Warner Bros.’ DCEU, Dawn of […]

New ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Images Offer Fantastic Behind-the-Scene Looks; Zack Snyder & Others Talk Up This Batman, ‘Justice League’ & the Larger DCEU

Ever since comic-con and Warner Bros. dropping the full (and pretty epic) trailer for Batman V Superman, it seems like we’ve been waking up to something new being released for the highly anticipated superhero movie everyday. That’s not either good nor bad, as it’s always good to see more […]