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‘Spectre’ In-Depth Audio Review

Apocaflix Movies reviews ‘Spectre’. Listen to our round table discussion about the positives and negatives of the film. This is a heavy spoiler review, so listen only if you’ve seen the film. Unless you don’t mind spoilers! Check out our site: ApocaflixMovies.com Follow Jacob Bartley on Twitter- @governorbartley […]

Featuring Lea Seydoux & Monica Bellucci, Meet the Women of ‘Spectre’ in Its Latest Video Blog

Through the production and marketing for Sam Mendes’ latest Bond film Spectre, we’ve gotten some really cool behind-the-scenes looks from their little Video Blog series. Each video focuses on a different aspect of the movie with newest being all about Bond’s ladies, featuring Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci. Seydoux is playing Dr. […]