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‘Deadpool’ Review: One of the Most Fulfilling Comic Book Movie Experiences, Ever

Ladies and gents, Deadpool has arrived. For more than a decade, Ryan Reynolds has been trying to get a film made that chronicles the world of Wade Wilson and his iconic alter-ego. Fast forward to now and the foul-mouther mercenary is on the big screen for the first time and it could not […]

Deadpool Gets His Own Sweet Entertainment Weekly SDCC Bonus Issue; Ryan Reynolds Talks the Difference Between ‘Green Lantern’ & ‘Deadpool’, His Superhero Future & the Trouble of a ‘X-Men’ Crossover

If anyone was destined to play a comic book character, it’s Ryan Reynolds. There has never been and isn’t a better person on planet earth that is better suited to play the lethal and wise-cracking Deadpool. Reynolds (who portrayed Deadpool back in that god-awful X-Men Origins movie) has been […]