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Marvel Character Movie Rights

When it comes to movie rights, that talk can be damn complicated. Then when you add on Marvel comic book characters to that, the conversation just goes haywire. While I was cruising through the internet this morning, looking at movie articles to see if any new information came […]

'Dr. Strange' Has a Director

It’s been known for some time that Marvel and Kevin Feige have been wanting to bring their magical character Dr. Strange to the big screen; heck (SPOILER), the name drop in Captain America: The Winter Solider was pretty much the most surprising and exciting part for all movie buffs in the whole […]

Marvel Has Found Thanos

Two years ago while watching Marvel’s The Avengers, in the post credit scene we got an awesome surprise from the big bad purple alien Thanos, one of if not the villain of all Marvel Comics. We haven’t seen him since then and only getting reports, rumors, and talk about […]