Who Will Be Dr. Strange?

This spring the flood gates were opened to all fans when the name Steven Strange was dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We have known for some time that Marvel and especially Kevin Feige has been wanting to bring the strange doctor to the big screen for some time. And the […]

New TMNT Character Posters

The Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles may be one of the most beloved franchises ever. Children to adults love these characters and their stories because they grew up watching and reading them. We’ve gotten animated movies, TV shows, and comics of these brothers over the years. Now, we get […]

'Edge of Tomorrow' Review

‘Come find me when you wake up!’ Based on the book All You Need is Kill, Edge of Tomorrow is about an army officer (Tom Cruise) who finds himself dying and repeating the same day over and over again when coming in contact with an alien during a war between humanity […]