Jacob’s Top 10

Honorable mentions: X-MenThe DepartedTitanicToy StorySpider-Man 2, Disney’s HerculesDumb and DumberMatch Point, and Sixteen Candles.

10. Don Jon

9. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

8. Gone Girl

7. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

6. The Dark Knight

5. 8 Mile

4. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

3. The 40 Year-Old Virgin

2. The Avengers

1. Star Wars


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  1. I noticed one of your honorable mentions is Beauty and the Beast. Could you explain what you like about the movie so much?

    • Thank you for the comment! Yes, I struggled with possibly putting ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in my top 10, it’s definitely worthy of it. To me, it’s the best Disney animated film of all time. It was the first animated film ever to be nominated for best picture at the Oscars too. What I like about it so much is the relationship between Belle and her father, Maurice. It’s the heart of the story and feels like a real father and daughter relationship. Also, Belle is the most intelligent, kind-hearted and likable of all the Disney princesses. The music in the movie is phenomenal as well! Lastly, it’s a tale of true love and redemption. There’s a lot of reasons why I love it but those are the main ones.

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