Apocaflix! Movies and Movie Talk Express have become one! With Jacob Bartley and Gio Ramos running MTE and myself, Jake Berlin, running Apocaflix! Movies, we’ve decided to come together under one roof. As many of you know, the three of us have been collaborating on a number of Podcasts lately, so it only made sense to come together and talk about movies under one name. Therefore, the new and improved Apocaflix! Movies is born.

The fact of the matter is, we love movies. Our passion for movies is so much so that we enjoy the hell out of writing and talking about them everyday, whether it’s an opinion about a new trailer, reviewing the latest blockbuster, or podcasting all the latest news. Our goal is to not only grow and become a prominent site in the movie internet world, but give our fans and followers a fresh perspective from someone just like them. After all, we are just as big of movie nerds as you.

We do our best to catalog all the latest movie news and trailers, as well as post about all the latest images, posters, and everything else that’s released every week in Hollywood. Of course the bigger and more substantial names do run the world sometimes, but as overall film fans as we are, we want to expand our and your horizon and talk about more than just those major blockbusters or franchises.

Let us know through comments or messages what you think of the site, our style of writing, or anything else; ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Don’t forget to give Apocaflix! Movies a follow, as well as our personal social media options, which can be found in the Contact page. Thank you for supporting our love and true passion for movies and once again, welcome to Apocaflix! Movies!

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