Robert Pattinson in Talks to Become the New Batman

One of the worlds most famous superheroes has recently been going through an image change ever since the DC created the World of DC. After the events of Man of Steel, Warner Bros. chose to look for a new actor to take up the role of Bruce Wayne and start up their World of DC. They ended up choosing Ben Affleck, which was met with uncertainty but heavy curiosity. In the end he ended up being a great Batman, but suffered when DC and Warner Bros. made a lot of questionable choices and left the World of DC kind of a mess.

Recently DC has chosen to slow things down a little bit and focus more on character development and worry more on building the character instead of team ups. So far it has been working in their favor as movies like Wonder WomanAquaman, and Shazam!, which were all movies centered around one character instead of team ups like Suicide Squad or Justice League. Unfortunately a lot of damage and fall out from Justice League left some actors questioning the direction of the World of DC, and it ended up resulting inRobert Pattinson some actor casualties. Henry Cavill has reportedly choosen to step down as Superman, but at the same time it has never been confirmed. But the one actor that has confirmed his departure was Ben Affleck as Batman.

Batman has yet to get his own solo outing in the World of DC, as the only movies he has appeared in were Batman v. Superman and Justice League. It was long rumored that plans for the caped crusader had been in the plans for DC, but nothing ever came from it. Affleck was heavily involved originally with The Batman which will be lead by Matt Reeves, but conflicts arose between Warner Bros., DC, and Affleck which resulted in Affleck stepping down as the famed caped crusader. With that the search was on to find a suitable replacement for Batman that could take the franchise.

It has been a while since the search began for a new Batman, but it seems that the search has finally been narrowed down. It seems that none other than Robert Pattinson has been courted by Warner Bros. and DC to take on the mantle of Batman. While nothing has been confirmed Vanity Fair published an article claiming that Robert Pattinson was the lead contender to take over the role. After this was published, different sites had begun reporting other names that seemed to be on DC’s radar as well as Pattinson. Some of those names include Nicholas Hoult, Armie Hammer, and Aaron Taylor Johnson.

Pattinson is of course most famously known for his role as Edward in the Twilight movie series. Nicholas Hoult from his role as Beast in the X-Men franchise and the recently robert pattinson in high lifereleased Tolkien. Armie Hammer is known for his role in movies such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Call Me By Your Name. Aaron Taylor Johnson is known for his roles in Kick-Ass as well as Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. One interesting thing about the names above is that Armie Hammer has been the long time rumored choice for the new Batman, and has even stated that he would play the character.

Pattinson is an interesting choice for the role of Batman. Personally I can see him as Bruce Wayne, but I have a hard time imagining him as Batman. He would definitely need to bulk up a little bit for the costumer in my opinion. His acting has never really been a question, because the movies that he has been apart of post Twilight, have actually been pretty good. He is a talented actor that got has had a hard time breaking the typecasting that Edward Cullen has brought him. Most recently he has been cast in the upcoming secret Christopher Nolan project that has many people curious and excited about. As of right now though, it seems that Robert Pattinson is the lead contender for the role and may end up being your new Batman.

So tell us what you think? Would you be excited to see Robert Pattinson as your new Bruce Wayne/ Batman? Do you like any of the other actors we listed above? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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