Travis Knight Tapped as Director for Mark Walberg’s ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’

You may have heard a while back that Warner Bros. was looking to bring an updated version of the 70’s TV Show The Six Million Dollar Man to the big screen titled The Six Billion Dollar Man. The movie was set to star Mark Wahlberg who was basically made for this role. The movie has been pushed back numerous years as it was first reported to be in development in 2015! The screenplay for the movie was originally written by Mark Wahlberg in Mile 22Damion Szifron and he was also set to direct the movie. Szifron may not be a household named director, but he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for his work on Wild Tales.

Ultimately Szifron left The Six Billion Dollar Man project leaving it in development purgatory. The movie was never scrapped but kind of just put on hold and nothing really ever came from it. Fast forward to April 19th and it seems that Warner Bros. is moving forward with the project as they are planning on releasing it in 2020 with Mark Wahlberg and their newly attached director, Travis Knight. The name may sound familiar to you because Travis Knight most recently made his second directorial movie in Travis Knight2018 with the box office success of BumblebeeBumblebee of course was the first Transformers spin-off movie not to be directed by Michael Bay and was a huge success for the Transformers franchise as it revitalized interest in the franchise itself.

It sounds like the movie is going to pretty much be starting from scratch as Sue Kroll, Bill Gerber and Steve Levinson are producing with Bill DuBuque penning the script. The movie will follow the TV show about a former astronaut, Colonel Steve Austin Majors’ character, employed as a secret agent, had superhuman strength due to bionic implants. The series ran for five seasons on ABC between 1973 and 1978, and was based on Martin Caidin’s novel “Cyborg.”

So what do you think movie fans? Are you excited for Mark Wahlberg to play The Six Billion Dollar Man? What about Travis Knight directing the movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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