New ‘Child’s Play’ Trailer: There’s Something Wrong with Chucky

Orion Pictures has unveiled the brand new trailer for their upcoming reboot of the legendary slasher horror franchise Chucky, rightfully titled Child’s Play. The retelling of the classic 1988 was directed by Lars Klevberg in a story that is based around a modern-day tech company that creates some of the most sleek wifi devices on the planet. After entering into the toy market, a mother buys her son this hot new doll for his birthday, only to be shocked by its terrifying nature.

As for the footage on display here, it’s actually not half bad. It does a pretty good job of teasing the horrific events that are headed our way, unfortunately, it’s just all a bit confusing. Is he Buddi or Chucky? I understand the idea of trying something new and “rebooting” the property, but it all just becomes very confusing to the mass audience when he’s called both names at multiple points in the movie.

That leads to the actual reasoning behind the murderous nature of Chucky. Rather than the supernatural spell that has turned an oh so lovable doll into a complete and total psychopath, it seems that his turn towards blood and violence is caused by faulty programming. With the studio emphasizing “modern retelling of the horror classic,” that’s a pretty easy and smart way to bring Chucky into today. Our world is constantly about technology making our lives easier and more accessible, and obviously Child’s Play is (hopefully) going to show the horrors of technology fighting back.

Check out the new trailer below, and after doing so, leave your thoughts in the comments below! Are you a longtime fan of this franchise? Have you liked what you’ve seen so far? How about Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky? Also starring Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman and Brian Tyree Henry, Child’s Play makes its way into theaters on June 21st.

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