Marvel Is Stacking the ‘Black Widow’ Cast; David Harbour & Rachel Weisz Set to Join

Casting for future Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are in full effect at Marvel and Disney, with Black Widow being the movie that seems to be drawing the most casting news as of recent. The Scarlett Johansson lead solo film is only the second female led Marvel movie behind Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel that was released only in March. That movie has recently crossed the $1 Billion dollar mark and is a clear success for future female lead Marvel movies, and with Scarlett Johannson’s prescience since Iron Man 2 she has become a staple character of the MCU deserving of her own movie.

Details about the project are very scarce and has been kept under lock and key. More than likely we will find out more information after Avengers: Endgame is released in theaters but don’t completely bet on it. What we know so far is that Cate Shortland has been tapped as the director for the movie. The movie will draw from the spy and espionage action drama from what we have previously known about the character of Black Widow. It is also rumored to be an origin film set before her introduction in Iron Man 2 while she was apart of the Russian KGB.

One of the more recent and exciting rumors is that the villain for the movie may in fact be fan favorite Taskmaster. This would be a perfect way for the villain to be introduced, matching the skills of Natasha and creating a worthy opponent. It is said though that he won’t be the Taskmaster fans are most familiar with, but instead the Ultimate version from the comics, Anthony Masters. This would seem to line up with reports that Marvel was looking for an actor of color to play the main villain in the movie, with reports that Andre Holland was circling the role of the films villain.

As far as casting goes for the movie, Florence Pugh has been confirmed to have been cast in a role for the movie. While her role hasn’t been announced, it is said that her character is a spy on the same level as Natasha Romanoff, and likely her moral opposite. She is perfect for a physical role coming off her recent movie Fighting with My Familywhich had her playing a wrestler. The newest cast member to officially join the project is David Harbour. Harbour is of course known for his role in Netflix’s Stranger Things and this month’s remake of Hellboy. There is zero information about his character currently but and the secrecy around the project leaves not a lot to go off of.

Another actor in talks for a role in the movie is that of Rachel Weisz. The news of Rachel Weisz being looked at for a role in the movie is nothing new. It was reported in early March that she was being considered for a role in the movie, but the news of her potentially joining the movie has recently picked up making it seem like it is a matter of when and not if she signs on to the movie. Weisz, of course, is coming off of her Oscar nominated role in The Favourite and would be a huge addition to the already awesome cast Marvel is assembling. Again, there is zero information about the role Weisz could be playing.

So what do you think movie lovers? Are you excited for the Black Widow movie with the cast that seems to be assembling? What are your thoughts on the project so far? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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