Angelina Jolie in Talks for Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

Marvel has to be one of the most persuasive and powerful voices in all of movies because it seems that none other than Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in one of Marvel’s newest franchises in Phase 4, The Eternals. Many were left scratching their heads when Marvel first announced that they were going to make a movie about a relatively obscure group of Marvel characters called The Eternals. The Eternals revolves around a genetically superior race created by the Celestials in an effort to protect Earth. This also spawns the Deviants, a race that is basically the evil version of the Eternals. The Eternals in the comics span thousands of years which could be something that we see in the future MCUAngelina Jolie movies.

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been largely under wraps so far. The only movies that we really have heard anything about is Spider-Man: Far From HomeBlack Widow, Shang-Chi, and The Eternals. We have heard that we will at some point be getting Black Panther 2Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, and Doctor Strange 2. When it comes to The Eternals it seems to be one of the future movies that many people are most curious about because of how much isn’t really known about the characters in the series. The last time something like this happened it was about Guardians of the Galaxy and we know how successful that ended up being.

While we don’t really know what to expect from The Eternals, it is said to have a rather large cast due to the characters in the series and it pretty much is about a whole race of characters. It more than likely will focus on a main few characters through out the movie. Characters being speculated to appear are Ikaris, Sersi, a female version of Piper, Hercules, Karen, Elysisus, Forgotten One, Makkari, Starfox, Thena, Zuras and the speculated villain being Druig. Again all of this is completely speculated at this point and there are a lot of characters so it will probably be cut down a little bit.

As far as Angelina Jolie and her role in the film, it is assumed that she would take on the role of the female lead in the movie. If that is the case then one would speculate that she might be playing the role of Sersi. Sersi is an interesting character because in the comics she has a desire to live amongst humans. Some unique things to her is that she does not Sersi The Eternalsage and can only be killed if her atoms are scattered. Some of her powers are listed as superhuman strength, molecular and atomic manipulation, psyonic powers, and flight. So pretty much she is a badass and if this is the role Angelina Jolie is looking at playing, you can expect her to be a badass on screen.

The project has brought a lot of attention recently as Marvel has said that the world and the MCU is ready for its first openly gay superhero. Jolie has been a huge advocate for gay rights and this could be a huge factor in her decision. As for the movies production, the director currently is Chloe Zhao, a Chinese-born director who has directed smaller indie films like The Rider. Screenplay writers are currently Matthew and Ryan Firpo and will be based on Jack Kirby’s original Marvel comics.

Information is still very scarce on this movie and anything about Angelina Jolie’s role. She is the first actor or actress to be in talks for a role in The Eternals, but with Avengers: Endgame less than a month away, things at Marvel studios are going picking up very soon as Phase 4 is right around the corner. But tell us what you think? Are you excited to see Angelina Jolie in the MCU and The Eternals movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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