‘Unicorn Store’ Trailer: Brie Larson & Samuel L. Jackson Reteam for New Netflix Film

Netflix has released the first official trailer for one of their many upcoming projects in the next few months: Unicorn Store. The film marks the directorial debut for Academy Award winning actress (and all around badass I might add) Brie Larson, who also stars in the project. Playing the role of Kit, this lonely twenty-something dreamer has been sent packing from art school, now forced to move back in with her parents and taking a boring office job. Just when she’s about to move on and officially grow up, she’s approached by a mysterious gentlemen (Samuel L. Jackson) and offered the chance at her most desirable childhood dream: owning a Unicorn.

Larson is one of, if not the most high-profile actress working today. She’s literally on fire at the boxes-office as we speak, as her comic book movie Captain Marvel is absolutely lighting people up around the world. So when this is headlined as Larson’s directorial debut, it’s definitely an interesting start for the actress turned director. As most first timers should do, this is quite a small story that will allow her to explore her abilities, and this specific story no doubt allows her to do that.

The film has actually been around for quite some time. It made its first appearance into the world at TIFF 2017. The film didn’t exactly preview to raving reviews, but it wasn’t a dud either. While I haven’t seen the film, and I’m quite excited to in fact, most of those who did see it seemed to be placed around the middle ground area. That isn’t all that unusual for a first time director; only very few knock it far out of the park like Bradley Cooper did last year with A Star Is Born. I’m going into this film just as I did with Chris Evans’ directorial debut Before We Go. Mild expectations and mostly interesting in what Larson can do as a director, as it is without a doubt a big leap. I might add that I do very much enjoy Evans’ Before We Go.

Check out the first official trailer below, and after you do so, head down to the comments section to leave your thoughts. First of all, does it look interesting to you? Are you excited to see Larson direct? Will you be checking this out next month? Also starring Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford, Larson’s Unicorn Store will be released on Netflix on April 5th.

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