Hallelujah! James Gunn Rehired to Direct ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’!

Rejoice! What a day it is! While Disney looked at it differently last year, everyone outside of their initial circle saw the James Gunn firing as the worst movie that could be made. The circumstances were understood, but the actions that were taken after so many years that were put in-between who Gunn was then and who he is now. It was a hard pill to swallow, and although everyone begged and pleaded for Gunn to be rehired by the studio, they wouldn’t budge and claimed that they never would. But that was in 2018, and by today’s news, 2019 is a year of righting wrongs.

The situation was no doubt hard for fans of Gunn to accept, but Gunn himself easily had the most struggle of us all. The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise was his baby, and within seconds, it was taken away from him. But, unlike many, Gunn immediately apologized and owned up to his mistakes, while also explaining how different of a person he is now compared to the time when he posted the posts that he did. And apparently, according to Deadline’s report, that is one of the big reasons why Disney decided to reverse their decision.

Per Deadline, Alan Horn (Disney President) and Gunn continued to meet on several occasions after his firing last year. That was the case thanks to Gunn initial apology, as well as how he handled the situation overall. He could’ve been very angry and sour about the whole thing, but didn’t and even publicly stated how he understood the decision Disney had made. Because of that, Horn ultimately decided that bringing back Gunn and giving him his franchise back was the right move. Great job Disney, great job.

Now you may be wondering what happens from here, given that Gunn is now developing a Suicide Squad movie for Warner Bros. Well, everything is going on as planned. Marvel Studios, taken the high road, has postponed Guardians 3 until after Gunn is completely done with his work on Suicide Squad. His script for that film is complete, with reports saying that studio is very happy with it and production is set to begin this fall. Luckily, Gunn had already completed his script for Guardians 3, which was going to be used whether he was directing or not. Once he wraps up everything for WB and DC, he’ll get right to work on Guardians 3, which doesn’t quite have an official release date just yet due to its postponing after Gunn’s firing last year.

On a side note, Deadline also revealed that Marvel and Kevin Feige never actually met with any other director’s for the project. This could be because they didn’t have a timeline set for the threequel, but more than likely the fact that Feige was holding out for Disney to work things out with Gunn. It seems he was right, as he usually is. This puts the MCU back on track from where it was before. As we’ve heard multiple times, Guardians 3 was going to be the film that launched the next ten years of movies for the juggernaut studio, with it being the door to the far reaches of space for the universe. Now that Gunn is back on board, it seems likely that the original plans Feige has in place will continue, just a but further back than he originally intended.

What do you think? Is this the right move? How happy are you to hear this news? Are you excited for both Suicide Squad and Guardians 3? Did you always think this would happen or were you finally getting over the fact that another director would step in? With it being such a big story, please make sure you leave all your questions, comments and concerns in the section below!

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