Marvel Edits Official ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Poster; Adds Danai Gurira to Cast List

Well you don’t see this everyday! As everyone in the world knows by now, our morning was taken over by the storm that is the brand new Avengers: Endgame trailer. As expected, it blew up and became the talk about the town within seconds, with fans everywhere absolutely losing their mind for this new set of footage. While fans and commentators took the time to break down the footage they saw, an official poster for the film was released alongside the trailer, but one major name had been missing.

When the official poster dropped, which is ridiculously incredible by the way, we saw all the remaining characters featured front-and-center that Thanos left us with in Infinity War. Cap, Rocket, Ant-Man, Nebula and even Captain Marvel after her stellar debut this past weekend. The poster was headlined by the names of each of the actors and actresses at the top, as most posters are, but one name was missing while she was featured on the poster: Danai Gurira.

As we know from the closing moments of Infinity War, Gurira’s Okoye survived The Snap while her King, T’Challa, dusted away into the wind. It was a very interesting move by Joe and Anthony Russo, to keep her, but exciting nonetheless. So far, we haven’t see how she fits into the story of Endgame, but it’s likely that she’s in Wakanda picking up the pieces after both the Battle of Wakanda and The Snap, perhaps even maybe serving a new King now that T’Challa was one of Thanos’ victims. Remember, M’Baku did survive the dusting.

Anyway! As I said, Marvel Studios released the poster alongside the trailer this morning, but received a slight bit of backlash due to the fact that Gurira was featured on the poster, but not on the main cast list above. It has happened on posters before, but for a film like this, there’s no way the fans were going to let the studio get away with it. So, in response and because it’s the right move, Marvel Studios has just released a brand new version of the poster, including Gurira’s name alongside her castmates, possibly even meaning that her role is slightly bigger than we imagined it was. Whether or not her role is significant enough, she was featured on the poster, is clearly seen, and deserves to be listed alongside the other heroes. Bravo Marvel, bravo.

Check out the differences in posters below, and make sure to let me know what you think of both the poster and trailer in the comments! How much did the footage rock your world? What do you think of the poster as well? Did they pull the right move by adding her or are you sour they didn’t include her to begin with? Could it have just been a typo? Sound off in the comments below! Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

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