Tom Holland Will Reunite with the Russo Brothers for Their Next Film ‘Cherry’

While the Russo Brothers are finishing up the final touches on Avengers: Endgame, which is quickly approaching, the directing-duo have already lined up their first project once their tenure inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finished. Their run inside the MCU is the best we’ve ever seen inside any franchise. What they have been able to accomplish through a handful of films may never be matched again, and that alone is the reason they will be given an insane amount of possibilities on the outside. That’s where Cherry comes in to play, which will be the brothers’ first project once Endgame‘s run is officially over.

Cherry is the true-life adaptation of Nico Walker’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, which tells the story of an Iraq Veteran who comes homes to struggle with PTSD and opioid addiction. The twist is that to feed his addition, he begins robbing banks. The novel takes an unknown approach, as the name of the narrator and protagonist are never named. However, the events are heavily based on Walker’s own experiences, which led him to be put in prison in 2013 where he stills resides. The real report here comes from Variety, as the news outlet has revealed that the Russo Brothers have brought Tom Holland on board to play the lead role, reuniting the trio after their work on Captain America: Civil WarAvengers: Infinity War and Endgame together.

This is a very exciting piece of news. First of all, although I absolutely love anything they do inside the MCU, I’ve been craving to see the Russo Brothers step outside the genre creatively. You can say whatever you’d like about the comic book genre, but the three films the Russo’s have given us so far, they aren’t the typical superhero movies. They stand out, in more ways than just one, which is why I’ve been waiting to see what kind of stories they’re going to tell next.

Secondly, Holland is one of the hottest young actors in the business. He’s crushing it as Peter Parker, and will for a long time, but his roles outside of the role of Spider-Man have been just as recognizable as well. There hasn’t been a whole lot, but that’s just even more credit to Holland because of the impact he’s made in such a short time. The role of Peter Parker requires a lot, but this specific role for Cherry will, by far, demand more from the actor than ever before. And to have the Russo’s directing him through this story, who have continuously shown that they know how to direct actors, it’s a very exciting move on both sides.

Both the Russo’s and Holland have a number of other projects going on outside of the Marvel business, but the plan is for this film to shoot this summer and plan for a 2020 release, which just so happens to line up with Nico Walker’s release from prison next year, just in time for him to see the film. No official release date has been locked down just yet, but stay tuned here at Apocaflix! as we’ll be updating this project as we see and hear more as production hits this summer. For now, leave all your thoughts in the comments section below! Do you like this move? How about the Russo’s as director’s? Holland as an actor? Have you read the novel? Sound off below!

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