Marvel Narrowing Down Actors for the ‘Black Widow’ Movie

With Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe quickly on the horizon, Marvel is actively getting set for their upcoming movie slate after 2019. While we don’t know for sure when exactly we are getting certain movies, we have a pretty good idea of which movies to expect as well as what movies we are probably getting in 2020. As of right now it seems likely that at least two of the upcoming announced movies for the future will be released next year. Those movies are The Eternals and the long awaited Black Widow movie. Many are speculating that the first movie that we are going to be getting from Marvel in 2020 is in fact the Black Widow movie. With production on the movie said to be quickly approaching, casting for the film seems to be in full swing.

Right now all we know is that the movie is said to revolve around Scarlett Johansson’s Marvel Character Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow and the events in her life leading up to her joining S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers. As you recall Black Widow was a former Russian KGB assassin who eventually switched sides and allied herself with the Avengers. While nothing has been revealed about the movie, casting for the movie seems to be actively picking up steam. That Hashtag Show has revealed a list of actresses who have audition and tested out with Marvel for a second lead role opposite Scarlett Johansson in the film. So let’s go through the list! Starting from left to right:

Starting from left to right is Emma Watson. Watson is of course known for her roles as Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise and recently Belle in Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast. Next is Alice Englert who is an Australian born actress best known for her roles in 2013’s Beautiful Creatures as playing Rosa in the British film Ginger & Rosa. After Englert is Dar Zuzovsky who is probably the least known actress of the four, she is an Israeli actress and model who has starred in the Israeli television series Hostages. Last but not least is Florence Pugh. Pugh is an up-and-coming English actress who recently starred as the lead in Fighting with My Family as well as last years Netflix original movie Outlaw King.

Reports are that all four actresses met and auditioned and seemed to impress the powers that be, each bringing their own positives to the role. As we said earlier there is no clear choice but reports are starting to circulate the Emma Watson may be the lead choice for the role. The character that they would portray is a mystery, but previous statements indicate that she’s a “kick ass female Bond” type, requiring the role to be a physically demanding one. Whether or any of them lands the role, it may be interesting because if so, their role would take place in the past in the MCU timeline potentially limiting their future involvement.

Now on to the second part of the casting rumors! It was also reported by That Hashtag Show that actor Andre Holland has caught the eye of Marvel for the role of the potential villain in the film. While the villain is unknown it is said that Marvel is looking to cast someone who is “right mix of a powerful, confident actor who can pull off smart and sexy.” Holland is best known for his role as Kevin in 2016 Oscar’s Best Picture winner MoonlightCurrently he is starring in J.J. Abrahms and Stephen King produced Hulu horror series Castle Rock.

The last bit of casting news that comes from the report is that Marvel is looking to cast a pair of seasoned stars as supporting male and female roles in the movie. The actors on the list are some pretty decent names that are sure to draw some attention.

The first name on the list is a pretty big name recently, that being Rachel Weisz. Weisz won the 2006 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in The Constant Gardner and was most recently nominated for the same category for her role in The Favourite. The first of the two male actors is Sebastian Koch, a German actor, who has starred in major movies such as Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies as well as 2015’s The Danish Girl. Recently he also had a role in the hit television series Homeland. Last is Alec Baldwin, known more recently for his role in Mission Impossible Fallout as well as television shows such as Saturday Night Live and Will & Grace.

As you can see casting for this movie is 100% in full effect and there are some pretty big names that Marvel is potentially going after for this movie. No roles have been confirmed or cast officially, other than that of Scarlett Johansson’s, but with the way things have been coming out, don’t be surprised if you hear an announcement soon about any of the roles. The movie is set to be directed by Australian director Cate Shortland.

Well what do you think movie lovers? Are you excited about some of these potential castings? Who would you like to see land a role in the movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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