Middle-Earth Is Born in the New Trailer for ‘Tolkien’

While we saw a first trailer for the film just a short time ago, Fox Searchlight has unveiled a new, full-length trailer for their upcoming J.R.R. Tolkien biopic Tolkien. Based on the life of The Lord of the Rings author, the film will follow Tolkien (Nicholas Hoult) through many years of his life, which include his years at school with his friends all the way up through his time in World War I, which drastically changed his life, as well as those around him, resulting in the beloved stories from the mystical land known as Middle-Earth.

This project definitely looks more interesting than I first thought. I liked the first trailer, and saw the potential in it, but this trailer really opens the doors up. It’s a very interesting way to story a biopic, but then again, this is actually what happened for Tolkien. His personal journey is what sparked the ideas of his great work, including the legendary work of Middle-Earth.

This genre has always been a tricky one to navigate, as many recent biopics has focused on one specific event or single moment in the lifetime of its center. Tolkien on the other hand does the complete opposite, as it looks like it will chronicle through the majority of Tolkien’s life, allowing viewers to really recognize that he didn’t just think-up all these beautiful ideas one day, rather it’s the days he lived that did.

On a completely different note, it looks to be a very beautiful looking film. It’s no doubt what the director aimed for, but it also fits in perfectly with what Peter Jackson did with his Middle-Earth saga. While the visuals won’t play into fans thoughts on the film, it will be quite interesting to see how everyone reacts to this film given how beloved Jackson’s movies are.

Watch the new trailer below, and after doing so, leave all your questions, comments and concerns in the section below. First of all, are you a TLOTR fan? Did you know of Tolkien’s background? How have you liked the trailers? Also starring Lily Collins, Tolkien will be released on May 10th.

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