New ‘Brightburn’ Trailer Fully Reveals the Superhero Horror Movie

Sony has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming superhero horror movie from producer James Gunn, Brightburn. The film is centered around a young boy from another world who, after crash-landing on Earth, grows up in a small town to only learn that he’s been given the gift of incredible powers. The story then shifts, asking what happens when a superpower being grows up to become a sinister threat instead of mankind’s savior.

The project has the Gunn name plastered all over the place. Not only is visionary filmmaker James Gunn a big part of the production team, but his brother Brian Gunn and cousin Mark Gunn are the writers for the project. Another Gunn is not directing, that job was done by David Yarovesky. I’m loving everything I’m seeing from this movie so far. First of all, we have yet to see a superhero horror movie. Of course, Fox has one that seems to getting shelved in New Mutants, which had a load of excitement behind it. While this isn’t a X-Men property, it can be argued that Brightburn has taken that buzz and used it to its advantage. I’ve been hearing nothing but excitement revolved around this project to this point.

The second and biggest part of this movie is that it basically takes the Superman story and turns it evil. The young boy is essentially Clark Kent, and instead of becoming the quiet and true Man of Steel, he becomes the villain version of him. And damn is it exciting. I’m interested to see the direction this story takes, and to be quite honest, that’s all because of the Gunn factor. I don’t have prior history with Brian and Mark Gunn as writers, but I know James Gunn. His vision and direction and input on films that he doesn’t direct always seem to have an impact, and hopefully that’s even more so with this project.

Check out the new trailer below, and after doing so, leave your comments in the section below! How do you feel about the movie so far? Do you wish Gunn directed it? What do you think about its Superman twist connection? Also starring David Denman, Gregory Ann Williams, Meredith Hagner and Jackson A. Dunn, Brightburn will be released on May 24th, 2019.

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