‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel Moving Forward; Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt Likely to Return

Hallelujah! This is the news I’ve been waiting for! Edge of Tomorrow isn’t just your basic Tom Cruise action movie that comes out every year. First of all, its expectation was about as low as any Cruise-led project ever had, as pre-release marketing was absolutely abysmal. That led to the movie not making as much money as it deserved, but it also played into the reaction of everyone who saw it, as it was overwhelmingly positive. Although it wasn’t a monster at the box-office, the talks of a sequel have basically been out in the open from the moment it hit theaters, but nothing has come of due to the schedule of writer/director Doug Liman. Thankfully, that could be changing soon.

This new report comes from Deadline, who have revealed that Matthew Robinson pitched an idea for the sequel to the studio that has landed him a job on the screenwriting team alongside Liman. No other details about this move have been released at this time, but it’s clear that Robinson’s meeting/pitch has put a little life back into the project. Of course, this happens with many projects, but because this specific sequel has been talked about for nearly five years now, it’s likely this could be the spark to really get it going.

Obviously, the big question is whether or not stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt will return. As I mentioned, no other details about the follow-up have been noted, but it’s believed that decisions will be made once a script is finally finished. Deadline also made sure to note that their sources have said that Cruise and Blunt are “reportedly in the loop.”

As mentioned multiple times throughout the last couple of years, sequel talks and details have been out in the open. Liman had the sequel, which was titled Live Die Repeat and Repeat, lined up as his next project until something else came his way. The plan for that film was to narrow the story and focus more on the characters of Cage and Rita, but it’s not too clear at this point whether or not that will still be the direction they go. Robinson could have very well built on that idea in his pitch, but it also could have been a completely different idea. Either way, with both Liman and Robinson working on the long-awaited sequel, the only thing we know at this point is that this next chapter will be the last.

What do you think of this news? How do you feel about Edge of Tomorrow / Live Die Repeat? Was it as much fun for you as it was for me? Do you want a sequel? Is it even relevant anymore? Leave all your comments, questions and concerns in the section below! Also stay tuned for anything in the world of Edge of Tomorrow, as well as movies everywhere as we keep you up-to-date as quickly as possible.

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