‘Aquaman’ Sequel Is Officially Happening; Studio Sets a Release Date

Warner Bros. latest DC franchise, Aquaman, has made over $1.1 billion worldwide as it nears its theatrical end. Opinions on the film have varied overall, however, there is no denying how much of a success this result is for the studio. The future of the DCEU looks bright as solo-character films are now the main focal point. Further supporting that strategy is the announcement of Aquaman 2 (likely a subtitle rather than number). This comes as no surprise considering the financial success, as well as critical-acclaim among a majority of critics and audience members.

While we’ll be waiting awhile before returning to Atlantis, with a December 16th, 2022 release date, this gives enough time to build on the first film’s success. No confirmation as of yet if James Wan will be returning to direct, but for now, he is onboard as a producer. Obviously, Jason Momoa will return as the titular character, and hopefully the same for his co-star Amber Heard (Mera).

Elsewhere, the studio is actively developing an Aquaman spinoff titled The Trench, based off the sea creatures who attacked Aquaman and Mera on their quest to retrieving The Trident. It was one of the more standout scenes, given director Wan’s profound background in horror films. Although hardly anyone in DC fandom asked for such a film, ahead of other preferred characters getting a solo treatment, it is Wan’s confidence in the idea that could make it something truly unique in the genre. It appears the success of Aquaman is giving the studio confidence to expand the character’s world.

For now, what do you think of this news? Do you want to see a sequel? Is that release date too far away in your opinion? What do you want to see? How about the studio expanding on the franchise with a spinoff? Leave all your opinions in the section below and stay tuned here at Apocaflix! are more news for the Aquaman franchise trickles out. Aquaman 2 will swim its way into theaters on December 16th, 2022.

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