‘Space Jam 2’ Gets Release Date & Production Schedule

Well we have been hearing it for a long time now and were left wondering if Space Jam 2 was starting to become a matter of “when” and not an “if” and we seem to have our answer. We finally have our confirmation that there will in fact be a Space Jam 2. Not only did we learn that there will be a movie, but we have already gotten a release date as well as a date of when Warner Bros. is planning on shooting the movie. Here is what we know so far.

The original Space Jam movie came out in 1996, about 23 years ago if you can believe it. The iconic movie starred the greatest basketball player of all time (yes I went there) Lebron James Terence Nance Ryan Coogler Space Jam 2Michael Jordan. Along with Michael Jordan you had Bill Murray and of course all of our favorite Looney Toones friends like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and many many more. The movie has become an iconic sports movie that of course there has to be a sequel staring the next big basketball star, right? We have known for a while that Lebron James was the actor long spoken to be taking on the role for the sequel and it has been confirmed that her will be the lead for Space Jam 2.

As far as production on the movie it is something that has been talked about for what seems like forever, but now we have gotten confirmation of when the movie will finally begin production. The movie will begin production this summer (2019). This makes sense being that the NBA season does not play during the summer which will allow Lebron James to film the movie as it would pretty much be impossible for him to film during the NBA season. It seems that his move to Los Angeles and joining the Lakers has definitely allowed him to be able to be working in Los Angeles  in the film industry. As far as a release for the movie, it seems that thanks to a two month push forward from Godzilla vs. Kong has allowed Space Jam 2 to fill its previous spot. As of right now Space Jam 2 is set for a July 16, 2021 release date. Terence Nance has been tapped to direct the film while Ryan Coogler will produce the movie.

Well there you have it movie lovers, Space Jam 2 is officially happening and has a release date. What do you think? Are you happy to be getting Space Jam 2? Or should they have just let the classic Space Jam stand alone. Let us know in the comments below!

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