Emma Thompson Ops Out of Skydance Animation’s ‘Luck’ After the Hiring of John Lasseter

We have some big news folks, big news. Before we got to the latest piece of news, a little backstory on the continuing story of John Lasseter. Lasseter for a very longtime was in charge of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios before last year when the studio head came under fire for multiple years of alleged sexual misconduct from multiple sources. He then took a leave of absence from his position, but because his contract was up at the end of last year, Disney decided to part ways with the longtime collaborator allegations. Not too long after, Lasseter reached an agreement to step in and run Skydance Animation.

No one knew what would happen following the hiring of Lasseter, as it’s a really big movie on both sides. On one side, Lasseter is a genius. His work for Pixar over the years is second to none. He’s a big reason, if not the reason why Pixar became the leader in animation and never looked back. On the flip side, this move could mean bad things moving forward. While the studio may think it allows them to expand, this latest news is exactly the thing they didn’t want happening, and it could very well be the first stone of many.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news early this morning, revealing that Emma Thompson has “quietly” left her voice role in Skydance’s upcoming animated movie Luck. According to the report, she left over concerns about working with Lasseter following the reports about him that came out last year, where the report also made sure to mention that her decision apparently didn’t go over well with some of those working for Skydance. This is definitely a big piece of news, for multiple reasons. As I mentioned above, this could result in the studio having a very difficult time not just casting high-profile names like Thompson, but casting in general.

Thompson apparently had recorded some sessions for the film, but now that her decision is official, the studio will have to recast and re-record those sessions with another actress. There’s no word yet on how the studio and Lasseter will proceed, but Luck is one of two animated projects the studio already had in development when Lasseter stepped in. It seems like everyone involved is still moving forward, but we’ll have to stay close and pay attention to see if any other exits will take place. Again, Thompson could very well be the first of many dominos to fall.

How about you readers? What do you think of this news? Did you expect things like this to happen after Lasseter’s hiring or are you surprised? Do you think Skydance made the right decision by hiring him? Sound off and leave all your questions, comments and concerns in the section below! Luck is still set to be released on March 19th, 2021.

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