First ‘Child’s Play’ Trailer: Meet Your New Best Friend Buddi

Orion Pictures has released the first official trailer for the upcoming Chucky reboot Child’s Play, which was helmed by Polaroid director Lars Klevber. The premise of the movie is based around a modern-day tech company that creates some of the most sleek wifi devices on the planet. To enter into the toy market, they decide to create a sophisticated a kids doll, where Aubrey Plaza, who plays a mother, buys her son this hot new toy for his birthday, only to be shocked by its terrifying nature.

While there’s some pretty confusing elements about this reboot, the trailer itself is actually pretty good. Whether or not this murderous doll is named Buddi or Chucky, which might end up angering quite a bit of the fan base, the movie will succeed or fail depending on how the story is and what kind of “scares” it features. If it feels silly and obnoxious, this movie will get absolutely obliterated by longtime fans of the franchise. Hopefully that’s not the case.

Check out the first official trailer for Child’s Play below and please leave all your comments, questions and concerns in the comments below! Did you like the trailer? Is this movie unnecessary? Also starring Gabriel Bateman and Brian Tyree Henry, Child’s Play slashes into theaters on June 21st.

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