First ‘Captain Marvel’ Clip Extends a Main Trailer Scene

Captain Marvel is the next big shebang for Marvel Studios this year. While it still seems like a bit of a ways away, it’s just a month, a month! Most of us don’t need to anything more from the film, as we’ve already made our decision on the movie based on its three very different trailers. On the other hand, some, and while it may be few, have yet to decide their thoughts on the movie. With that, this is the most important period for the movie. Tickets are available and shot up the record books, but what about those who don’t have them yet? That marketing stretch has officially begun, all thanks to Brie Larson and her latest social media post.

Larson, who stars as Carol Danvers in the movie, took to Instagram to reveal the first official clip for the movie. The clip isn’t all that spoiler-isa, but it is an extended look at one of the more familiar scenes from the trailers. This could be the sequence Danvers is first back on Earth, as she battles a Skrull who was once disguised as that elderly woman she punched from the trailer. As the clip shows, much young version of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson are also along for the ride. It does seem like this happens very early on in the movie, so you shouldn’t be too worried about what it shows. If it stays true to past Marvel projects, this nothing in comparison to what the rest of it has in store for us.

I haven’t really had a ton of opportunities to express my excitement for this movie. Obviously, because it’s Marvel, that already brings a sense of anticipation, but this one is special. Similar to Captain America, I have a personal connection with this hero. She is a big favorite of mine from the comics and outside of Cap and maybe one or two more,she’s the one I’ve wanted inside this universe more than anyone. Her inclusion amps me up to an incredible level, which is only topped by the fact that Brie Larson, Sacramento’s own, is portraying her. Can it really get any better?

Anyway, before I go off an a big tangent, check out the first official clip from the film below. After doing so, not only leave your thoughts about the clip in the comments, but your anticipation for it overall as well. Have you enjoyed the trailers? Is Brie Larson the selling point? Do you just not care? Sound off below! Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel is released on March 8th.

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