Disney Releases Official Banners for ‘The Lion King’ & ‘Aladdin’

2019 is in full swing as we head into the month of February and Disney is going full steam ahead with its plan to dominate the box office this year. Some of it’s biggest franchises are set to drop movies this year that will more than likely shatter the box
Walt Disney Pictures Logooffice in 2019 making Disney the kings of the theaters. While we still have a little bit of time till Disney kicks off their domination with their first movie in March, Dumbo, there are some other Disney classics accompanying the Dumbo this year. Those movies would be none other than The Lion King and Aladdin.

Disney has already released trailers for The Lion King and Aladdin but it still seems like we don’t know to much about the movies and how closely they will being following the originals. We already know that Aladdin will not be completely similar to the original film, as there are new characters in the movie as well as Guy Ritchie, the director, himself stating that there will be subtle differences from the original movie. As far as The Lion King goes, we really don’t have any idea what if any differences are going to come into play for this movie, but a lot of people, myself included, would be totally ok with just a “live action” version of The Lion King without any changes. Again though nothing has been announced.

As far as advertising for the movie, Disney just recently released the official movie banners for the two films. The first banner is for The Lion King which features Mufasa and a young Simba during sunrise. This time around the voice of Simba will be played by Donald Glover, while the voice of Mufasa will remain the same as the legendary James Earl Jones will return.

The Lion King Official Banner

The second official banner released by Disney was for Aladdin. The official banner provides us with a look at five of the cast members from the upcoming movie. The from left to right we start out with Marwan Kenzari who will be playing the villainous Jafar. While he doesn’t have the trademark swirl goatee, he does however have his famous snake staff from the original movie. Next is Will Smith who we know will be playing the role of The Genie made famous by Robin Williams in the animated movie. In the banner we see he is not blue like in the movie but have been told that this is his “human form” and he will be blue in the movie. In the middle we have Mena Massoud who is playing the title role of Aladdin holding the iconic genie lamp. To the right we have Naomi Scott who is playing Princess Jasmine and she is wearing the classic Princess Jasmine outfit from the original animated film. Finally we have Nasim Pedrad playing Dalia. Now if this character doesn’t sound familiar to you, thats because it is a new character made for the live action version as Delia is a handmaiden to Jasmine. Other than that nothing else is known about the character.

Aladdin Official Banner

The movie so far have both looked fantastic as we have seen trailers for both of them. The Lion King trailer was almost a shot for shot remake of the original trailer, while Aladdin hasn’t really shown too much as the trailer was short and minimal, but we should be getting another trailer before its release. Luckily these movies are fast approaching as Aladdin is set for a May 24th and The Lion King is set for a July 19th release date.

So what do you think movie lovers? Do these official banners get you even more excited for the movie? What do you think of the characters in the posters and how they look? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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